iPhone 13 Case Spotlight: Limitless 4.0

You might have bought the standard model of iPhone 13, but that doesn’t mean it's a standard phone, or that you should settle for less than top-of-the-line for your iPhone 13 case. Mous are making three ranges of iPhone 13 cases. There’s Infinity, our MagSafe® compatible iPhone 13 clear case, Clarity which is also clear and lined with AiroShockTM, and Limitless 4.0, our flagship case. Here’s what we love about it.

It’s an iPhone 13 protective case

We’ve incorporated a number of clever features to ensure Limitless 4.0 is an iPhone 13 protective case. Like the iPhone 12 version, it’s engineered with AiroShockTM, a high-impact protective material to protect your new phone from drops, shocks and falls. It’s also designed with raised edges at the top and bottom to protect your screen without impeding on edge-to-edge swiping. That said, for maximum protection we always recommend pairing your iPhone 13 protective case with a high-quality screen protector. This year, we’ve also incorporated a larger camera bump into our Limitless 4.0 iPhone 13 case. This will keep your impressively specked camera extremely protected.

It’s an iPhone 13 MagSafe compatible case

Limitless 4.0 enhances your iPhone 13 MagSafe - case in point, our wide range of MagSafe compatible iPhone 13 accessories. This is our thinnest Limitless case ever so that the 38 perfectly positioned magnets can connect flawlessly to these magnetic modular add-ons. You can swap between card wallets, flip wallets, magnetically optimised mounts and chargers and more. Limitless 4.0 is an iPhone 13 case that will enhance your phone’s functionality and never interfere with its native capability. 

It’s an iPhone 13 aesthetic case

Limitless 4.0 comes in a variety of stylish backplates so you can choose an iPhone 13 case to reflect your unique aesthetic. Some of our fan favourites include rugged aramid fibre and sophisticated walnut. We’ve also just launched otherworldly silver pearl which is made from cellulose acetate. Beyond the beautiful backplates, Limitless 4.0 is an iPhone 13 aesthetic case because it’s extremely slim and sleek. We’ve made this iPhone 13 case with high-quality materials to make it as aesthetic as possible for as long as possible.  

Choose your iPhone 13 case

When you choose your iPhone 13 case, it’s important to pick one which is right for you. Your phone is integral to your life every day, so you should have a case which suits your everyday. Limitless 4.0 is a great iPhone 13 case because it’s extremely protective, seriously stylish and limitlessly useful. Shop our full range of iPhone 13 cases here.

About Mous

In 2014, a group of twenty-somethings saw an uninspiring marketplace and were inspired to do better. All the phone cases were either protective but ugly or highly aesthetic and not protective at all. Mous decided to make cases which were extremely protective, limitlessly functional and seriously stylish. A few years and many wild drop-tests later, and we make a wide range of tech accessories to enhance and expand your experiences with your tech. Take a look at our Apple Watch straps, MacBook sleeves, iPad cases and more.

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