Black Leather AirPods Pro Case

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Brown Leather AirPods Case

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AirPods Cases

Our AirPods cases are designed for extreme protection. At Mous, we want to enable lifestyles, however extreme, by protecting your most used tech, whether it’s MacBook sleeves to protect against knocks in a coffee shop, or screen protectors to survive rock climbing. We also enable the extreme through extreme functionality which is why our AirPods cases are wireless charging compatible. Because style is as important as substance, they also come in a range of stylish materials including speckled fabric.

Protective AirPods cases

Just like our most protective phone cases and even some of our clear cases, our AirPods cases are lined with AiroShock™. This impact absorbing material dampens drops and shocks by slowing down the rate deceleration. The protective properties of our AirPods cases safeguard the charging case that powers your AirPods. With the handy keychain, you’re unlikely to drop your AirPods cases, but if you do you know they’re well protected thanks to our impressive credentials in protecting your tech.

Charge using AirPods cases

We never want to interfere with a device’s native capabilities. That’s why our AirPods cases are designed to be wireless charging compatible. There’s no need to remove your AirPods, cases can simply be placed on your wireless charger so your music is ready for you when you want it. Our AirPods cases also provide access to the charging port, so you can charge your AirPods with a cable. Our AirPods cases are designed to make charging easy.

Speckled fabric AirPods cases

Our AirPods cases come in four high-quality materials: aramid fibre, black leather - like our card wallets - brown leather and speckled fabric, so you can match your AirPods cases to your Limitless phone case. The speckled fabric is made from polyester and PU laminated together. We designed the pattern by looking at the stunning natural scatter on leather. The result is a range of AirPods cases with a refined and unique aesthetic. This is what we mean when we talk about considered, timeless style.


Mous was founded when we came to the realisation that slim, pretty cases weren’t protective and protective cases were ugly. We were inspired to develop a range of phone cases that were both extremely protective and beautifully crafted. We dropped phones off 45ft cranes, we threw iPhones out of helicopters: our journey has been anything but traditional. We are raising people’s expectations of what a phone case can deliver, creating beautiful and practical products that will protect your most valued tools. We know make a range of tech accessories including magnetic modular add-ons and a range of MagSafe compatible add-ons.


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