AutoAlign+™ is our state-of-the-art magnetic technology which we developed in-house. It’s a magnetic array comprised of 20 perfectly positioned magnets which sit under the backplate of our Limitless 3.0 cases. The same magnetic array is also in our AutoAlign+™ accessories so you can connect them to your phone case.

How does AutoAlign+™ work?

When your phone is in Limitless 3.0, the magnets are arranged in the case around your phone’s charging coil. But don’t worry, we’ve engineered these magnets so they won’t interfere with anything that goes on inside your phone. We’ve done this by positioning the magnets in groups and arranging them in a Halbach array.

A Halbach array is a special arrangement of magnets which makes the magnetic field stronger on one side and barely even there on the other. The magnets next to each other sit with their poles facing different directions. This essentially keeps the magnetic force flowing in a loop around one side of the magnets and barely there on the other. 

To reduce the magnetic force on the weak side even more, we put the groups in metal shields with the shield against your phone. The combination of the Halbach array and the shield mean that the magnetic force going into your phone is negligible. 

We use the same magnetic array in the accessories, but facing the other way. This means the magnets in your card wallet won’t mess with your credit cards and the ones in your wireless charger won’t interfere there either. Handy.

Why did we develop AutoAlign+™?

When Mous was founded, the vision we had for our phone cases was that they should be extremely protective, seriously stylish and limitlessly functional. Our first Limitless case had a sheet of metal in the back. This made it very rigid, and so very protective, and it allowed it to connect to a range of magnetic accessories. But wireless charging was getting more popular and the metal backplate was getting in the way.

So we went to the drawing board and did something really innovative - Limitless 2.0. This next iteration contained three perfectly positioned magnets which were carefully placed so that they didn’t interfere with wireless charging, compasses or any other internal functions. They corresponded to the magnets in  a range of accessories like mounts and wallets. We called this new magnetic technology AutoAlignTM and it worked really well.

But phones were only getting bigger and heavier so we realised we needed to develop a stronger magnetic technology which would be capable of holding the massive phones of the future on mounts. So we developed AutoAlign+™.

We launched Limitless 3.0 and the first AutoAlign+™ accessories just in time for the iPhone 11. A good thing too because the iPhone 11 Pro Max was the heaviest iPhone we’d seen and AutoAlign+™ could handle it.

What AutoAlign+™ accessories are available?

We make Limitless 3.0 cases for iPhone 11 and 12 series, Samsung Galaxy from Note 10 onwards and Google Pixel 4 onwards. You can choose between stylish backplates including rugged aramid fibre, distinct leather and real, sophisticated walnut.

We have a wide range of AutoAlign+™ magnetic modular add-ons. Our card wallet and flip wallet are a useful way to keep all your valuables close to hand, and, thanks to the Halbach array, won’t demagnetise your credit cards. 

We then have a suction mount and car vent mount which can support even very big phones, thanks to the magnets’ strength.

Wireless charging was what pushed us to create our magnetic tech and that pushed us to create our own wireless chargers. We engineered AutoAlign+™ wireless chargers to make the most of the tech. The charging coil in the charger magnetically aligns perfectly with the one in your phone, ensuring optimal charge speeds every time you use it. Clever.

And to make sure you can charge wherever and however you like, we make a stand attachment, so you can easily watch your phone as it charges, a charging car vent mount and a charging suction mount.

It’s our mission to make your tech as useful as possible - that’s where AutoAlign+™ comes in.

About Mous

Starting out by dropping phones off 45ft cranes, sneaking into the Apple store disguised as press, and throwing iPhones out of helicopters, Mous’s journey has been anything but traditional. We found that slim cases weren’t protective and protective cases were ugly, inspiring us to develop a range of cases that were both extremely protective and beautifully crafted. We want to raise people’s expectations of what a phone case can deliver, creating beautiful and practical products that can protect your most valued tools.

Alongside our case range, you can also shop for accessories including screen protectorscar phone mountsmagnetic phone wallets and more.