It’s not enough to tell you just how ground-breaking our products are, we think it’s equally important to show you.

The thumb-stopping effect

We’ve been challenging the status quo from the very beginning, not just with our products but also in how we showcase them to our customers. Whether it’s a YouTube ad or an Instagram Reel, our content has connected with people all over the world – in a big way.

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We take it to the extreme

What better way to show you just how extremely protective our products are than with an extreme stunt. This time around, we didn’t just throw a brand-new iPhone 14 Pro ­– we also threw our CEO.

Mous Partners

We love a drop-test or two at Mous HQ, but sometimes we like to hand it over to our Mous Partners – a mix of athletes and content creators who are experts in their fields. Whether it’s the crazy-talented trials cyclist Danny Macaskill or kitesurfing champion and vlogger Tom Court, our Mous Partners take our product testing to insane heights.

It’s a group effort

Whether it’s the team at Mous HQ getting involved in our first TV commercial or our Mous Partners putting our products to the test on tough terrains, we’ll go above and beyond to prove just how great our designs are – even if that means we get a little wet along the way.