Are Mous phone cases wireless charging compatible?

Wireless charging has become the norm for smartphones. The latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel models cater for Qi wireless charging. And, so do all of our cases. That means no more taking your case on and off again every time you want to wirelessly charge up your phone.


All Mous Cases Are Wireless Charging Compatible

As long as your device supports wireless charging, our phone cases will not prevent or interfere with your phone getting the juice it needs. Our range of protective cases do not contain any materials which prohibit wireless chargers from doing their job. It is actually materials such as aluminium that blocks wireless charging signals and is a key reason why Apple and Android manufacturers now favour glass backs for smartphones.

So, you can keep your case on at all times without having to fiddle about with it whenever you place it down on your charging pad. Even our AirPods cases are compatible with wireless chargers.


What Is Qi Wireless Charging & How Does it Work?

Qi wireless charging is one of the most common types of wireless charging. Qi is a globally recognised standard for wireless charging, so if a charging pad is capable of Qi wireless charging it will work with any device that is compatible with Qi charging. Devices can also be Qi certified by the Wireless Power Consortium which means they've passed specific tests and are certified to safely work with Qi devices. Today, more than 200 million devices support this technology, with phones, tablets and smartwatches being the most popular. 

Wireless charging allows you to cordlessly charge your phone up to distances of 4cm from the charging pad. When the compatible device is placed onto the charger pad, energy is supplied to your phone via resonant inductive charging. As Qi wireless takes advantage of both these charging types, the latest smartphones can easily be charged, even with thicker cases. 


About Mous

Dropping phones from 45ft cranes and from helicopters is where it all began for Mous. We discovered that slim cases were not protective and those deemed protective were chunky and not pleasant on the eyes. So, the Mous mission was to create cases and accessories that combine beauty with protection and function.

Today, our collection contains all the modern-day necessities you need to get the most from your device including screen protectors, car phone mounts, magnetic phone wallets and more. We even supply USB charging cables for phones that do not offer wireless charging capabilities (or if you just prefer the good ol’ fashioned way!).

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