Enhancing the Everyday, Elevating the Extreme

At Mous, we take things to the extreme with massive stunts to prove just how protective our products are. We’ve gone from throwing phones off of cranes and out of planes to chucking them off of kiteboards onto the roughest rocks we can find.

We develop and create every single part of every single one of our products, so when our partners Tom Court and Paula Novotná jetted out to the Dominican Republic to test our latest cases, we wanted to be out there too to see our products in action.

Check out Tom’s vlog to find out if our most protective cases could survive some of the most extreme drops imaginable.

At Mous, we believe in show, not tell; when we say that our products are seriously protective, we’ll throw them out of helicopters, launch them into space or drop them from a hot air balloon to prove it. 

We expand and elevate the extreme experiences you have with your everyday tech, every day. Your tech accessories should facilitate your lifestyle, whether your idea of adventure is making it across the city in time for a 9am meeting or the perfect backhand grab on your kite-board. We craft our products with this in mind. We develop them for extreme performance using ultra-protective materials and bespoke engineering. We achieve limitless functionality through clever design features and innovative magnetic tech. And, of course, style is as important as substance. That’s why our products are crafted for timeless and refined aesthetics. It’s this combination which makes a Mous product.

Living without limits isn’t just a tagline, it’s a belief, and we truly believe we can remove the limits of modern tech, enabling our customers to live without restriction or limitation. This is it. This is what it is to live without limits.

We are Mous

Mous was founded by a group of twenty-somethings who wanted to create beautiful, ultra-protective phone cases. They saw an uninspiring marketplace filled with products that didn’t achieve this so they saw a way to do better. A few years and many drop tests later, we make tech accessories which elevate the everyday experiences our customers have with their tech. Check out our AirTag keychain cases, MagSafe compatible range and MacBook sleeves.

Live without limits.

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