The Best iPhone 12 Accessories

Wondering how to get the best out of your iPhone 12 with a set of new accessories? We’ve got you covered. Here are our five must-have best iPhone 12 accessories for anyone with the newest release from Apple. 

iPhone 12 Accessories: A Protective Case 

There’s nothing worse than investing in a brand new phone only to drop it just a couple of months post-purchase, so we recommend investing in an iPhone 12 accessory that can protect your phone from damage. When looking for a case for your new phone, make sure that you secure ultimate protection. A lot of cases that claim to be ultra-protective aren’t up to the job, so you should look out for a shockproof material and rigid construction to be sure that you’re getting the best in protection. As iPhone 12 accessories go, protection should be top of your list of priorities. 

Our Limitless 4.0 and Infinity cases are both supremely protective iPhone 12 accessories. Limitless 4.0 is built with strong, rigid materials and AiroShockTM technology, and Infinity is a clear case designed with a polycarbonate backplate for protection and an extreme scratch-resistant coating. As protective iPhone 12 accessories go, they both fit the bill perfectly. 

iPhone 12 Accessories: A Screen Protector 

A phone case gets you close to 100% protection but the only way to maximise the chances of a no-damage experience is with a screen protector, which is why this is the second iPhone 12 accessory you should seek to get your hands on. A good screen protector will defend your phone screen against cracks, scratches and smashes. A screen protector is an iPhone 12 accessory that guarantees you have one less thing to worry about. 

At Mous, our iPhone 12 accessories range includes three screen protectors. One is TPU, for those who favour a durable screen protector that will protect their device again and again. Another is glass, if you want a completely box-fresh feel. Our third screen protector is hybrid glass, a clever combination of the two which gives you the best of both worlds. 

iPhone 12 Accessories: A MagSafe® Charger 

The new Apple MagSafe® Charger is an essential iPhone 12 accessory. Apple have built the iPhone 12 with a range of super smart magnets in the back of the device. When used with the magnetically-enabled MagSafe Charger, your iPhone 12 is guaranteed a perfectly optimised wireless charge every time. This iPhone 12 accessory opens up a world of new possibilities for what you can do with your iPhone. 

We’ve developed a range of MagSafe compatible charger iPhone 12 accessories to ensure that you get the most out of your MagSafe charger. Our MagSafe compatible charger dock keeps your MagSafe charger fixed in place. No more slipping and sliding all over your desk with this clever tool. Our MagSafe compatible charger stand displays your iPhone 12 while you work. Engineered at a 66 degree angle, this is perfect for viewing your phone on your desk. Our iPhone 12 accessories for the MagSafe charger are designed to make your life even easier. 

iPhone 12 Accessories: A MagSafe® Compatible Card Wallet 

Our final iPhone 12 accessory recommendation is a MagSafe® compatible card wallet. Because of the iPhone 12’s magnetic capabilities, a magnetic card wallet is the must-have accessory. When choosing your card wallet, ensure that it has a no-slip design. If made properly, these iPhone 12 accessories should offer a completely secure connection between your phone and the wallet. After all, this is one accessory you don’t want to fall off. 

The Mous MagSafe compatible card wallet is one such iPhone 12 accessory. It has a strong, MagSafe compatible magnet design that ensures it stays securely attached to your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 case. The 166 silicone dots on the back make the wallet really grippy (not slippy!) so you don’t have to worry about it falling off. This could be the perfect addition to your set of iPhone 12 accessories. 

Final Thoughts on iPhone 12 Accessories 

There are a huge number of iPhone 12 accessories on the market, but using this guide you can ensure that you only pick up what you need. All accessories should add something to the experience you have with your iPhone 12. Don’t settle for anything less. 

Mous Biography 

Mous was born of the realisation that aesthetic cases weren’t protective and protective cases were ugly, inspiring us to develop a range of phone cases that were both extremely protective and beautifully crafted. From dropping phones off 45ft cranes to throwing iPhones out of helicopters, our journey has been anything but traditional. We want to raise people’s expectations of what a phone case can deliver, creating stylish and practical products that can protect your most valued tools. We’ve managed to make our ideas of aesthetic, but protective phone cases into reality, alongside creating other phone accessories such as AirPods cases, screen protectors, and so much more.

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