What Are AirTags?


Apple have finally launched their much anticipated tracking device, AirTags. But what are AirTags?

AirTags are a small tracking device, much like Tile*, which you can use to locate items like your keys, glasses, bags, or anything else you might want to slip them inside or attach them to. AirTags are about the size of a US quarter and they’re made of plastic and metal so they should be pretty durable.

How do AirTags work?

You’ll be able to locate your AirTags on the ‘Find My’ network using iPhones or iPads which have a U1 chip⁺ - this means 2019 or newer. The AirTag emits a Bluetooth signal which your device detects to provide an ultra-precise location to your iPhone or iPad. From your ‘Find My’ app you can assign your contact details to your AirTag. With a massive and ever-expanding network of these devices, it shouldn’t be too hard for you or someone nearby to find your lost item.


How do AirTags work when you lose them?

You can find your own AirTag on the Find My app. If you come across a rogue AirTag in the wild, you can simply tap it with your phone and find the contact details of its owner. This applies to Android users too because AirTags run on NFC^. If an AirTag which doesn’t belong to you is nearby, you’ll get a notification on your Apple device and if it’s separated from its owner for too long it’ll make a noise. This clever privacy feature is rumoured to be the delay in getting it released. Well worth the wait.

What does AirTags mean for you?

If you’re wondering what are Apple AirTags for, just think about all the times you couldn’t remember where you put your keys down in your home, or the gut-wrenching feeling of not knowing which shop you left your wallet in. You can keep track of all your possessions on the same network from your phone. And you can help other people do the same.

What does AirTags mean for Mous?


We want to help you make this clever piece of tech as functional and as stylish as possible. With that in mind, the Mous AirTag Keychain Case is coming very soon. Register your interest here.  


*Tile: A small Bluetooth tracking device. It’s similar to Apple AirTags, but runs on different systems.

⁺U1 chip: Apple’s built-in location chip which uses Ultra-Wideband technology. It has very precise location capabilities which is why AirTags have one. 

^NFC: Near Field Communication. It’s like a super short-range WiFi so two enabled devices can communicate - this is how mobile payment systems like Apple Pay work and how AirTags will transfer contact details

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