Limitless 5.0 - MagSafe® Compatible Aramid Fibre Phone Case
Galaxy S23 Ultra Change

Limitless 5.0 - MagSafe® Compatible Aramid Fibre Phone Case

FCFA48,800 FCFA52,600
The ultimate protective, magnetic case. Packed with MagSafe® compatible technology and AiroShock® protection, Limitless 5.0 offers unrivalled defence and a range of stylish backplates. Learn More
Variant: Aramid Fibre


Aramid Fibre

Black Leather



Silver Pearl

Speckled Fabric

Forest Green

Atlantic Blue

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MagSafe® Compatible Card Wallet 2.0

+FCFA30,420 FCFA33,800 +FCFA33,800

MagSafe® Compatible Car Vent Mount

+FCFA27,090 FCFA30,100 +FCFA30,100

MagSafe® Compatible Phone Ring and Stand


Matte Black MagSafe® Compatible Charger

+FCFA22,355 FCFA26,300 +FCFA26,300

USB C to Lightning Cable

From FCFA10,735 FCFA11,300 From FCFA11,300 FCFA18,800

Aramid Fibre AirPods Pro Case


MagSafe® Compatible Black Flip Wallet with Stand

From FCFA18,800 FCFA37,600

MagSafe® Compatible Suction Mount

+FCFA27,090 FCFA30,100 +FCFA30,100

Black & Blue Wrist Strap

+FCFA4,200 FCFA6,000 +FCFA6,000

MagSafe® Compatible Charger Stand

+FCFA19,210 FCFA22,600 +FCFA22,600

USB A to Lightning Cable

From FCFA7,220 FCFA7,600 From FCFA7,600 FCFA26,300

Black Phone Sling


Aramid Fibre Charging Station with MagSafe®


USB C to USB C Cable

From FCFA14,345 FCFA15,100 From FCFA15,100 FCFA22,600

Tonal Grey Wrist Strap

+FCFA4,200 FCFA6,000 +FCFA6,000

Aramid Fibre Charging Pad with MagSafe®


USB A to USB C Cable

From FCFA12,920 FCFA13,600 From FCFA13,600 FCFA22,600

USB C Power Adaptor

From FCFA11,520 FCFA12,800 From FCFA12,800 FCFA18,800

Black & White Wrist Strap

+FCFA4,200 FCFA6,000 +FCFA6,000

Green Phone Sling


Purple Phone Sling


Orange & White Wrist Strap

+FCFA4,200 FCFA6,000 +FCFA6,000

IntraLock® Universal Mount with Strap

+FCFA18,080 FCFA22,600 +FCFA22,600

Leather Apple Watch Strap

From FCFA9,100 FCFA30,100

Water Resistant Apple Watch Strap

From FCFA37,600

Hybrid Glass Screen Protector (2 Pack)

From FCFA6,120 FCFA6,800 From FCFA6,800 FCFA18,800

Tempered Glass Screen Protector (2 Pack)

From FCFA6,840 FCFA7,600 From FCFA7,600 FCFA15,100

  • Engineered from the ground up to be completely MagSafe® compatible, connect to a range of accessories and facilitate the fastest possible charges.
  • Extreme impact protection with AiroShock® defensive technology, a high-defense camera bump and ultra-rigid materials.
  • Choose from a range of stylish backplates in a sleek, slim profile.
  • Built with a microfibre lining to protect the back of your phone.
  • Rippled grip ribs to prevent slips and eyelets on either side to pair with wrist straps and phone slings.
  • This is a case that lasts thanks to an interlocking TPU construction.
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