Father's Day Gift Guide

It’s that time of year to start looking for Father’s Day gifts. As a kid that might have meant macaroni art and hand-made cards, but now you’re a little older and a little more refined, maybe it’s time your gift is too. Your dad shaped and expanded your childhood experiences, from holidays to homework to birthdays - now’s your chance to give a little back and expand the everyday experiences your dad has with his tech this Father’s Day. With one of our carefully curated tech gifts, you can make his day, not his gift.

Which of our Father’s Day phone gifts fits your dad’s tech profile?

For the adventurer

Some dads bring a creative flair and adventurous streak to everything they do, whether it’s finger painting, bike riding, or hunting down their lightning cable in a cluttered room. Good Father’s Day tech gifts should embrace the adventure and add just a little refinement to it.

Mous’s Wireless Charging Pad will make sure he’s always ready to go, and it’ll look great doing it. It’s Qi certified, quick and robust. To ensure the speediest charge possible, use it with a Limitless 3.0 case. Our innovative AutoAlignPlusTM magnetic technology will keep his phone perfectly aligned every time. The perfect alignment means an efficient, fast charge - less time charging leaves more time for adventures.

For the well-dressed dad

If you spent your teenage years rummaging through your dad’s closet for those incredible vintage pieces, or resolutely avoided anything that resembled his clothing only to realise now just how stylish he is, consider Infinity. 

Your dad shaped your sense of style: compliment his with Infinity. The crystal-clear body is made with anti-yellowing tech and a subtle pattern over the MagSafe® compatible magnetic array creates a look as timeless as his. If your dad has a phone in the iPhone 12 range and a cultivated aesthetic, Infinity cases are ideal Father’s Day phone gifts.

For the superhero

Being a dad is tough. Between work and kids and taxes and bath time, your dad had a lot of plates to keep spinning. Your dad is a superhero, so get him Father’s Day presents which will help him make the most of his powers. Like the MagSafe® Compatible Card Wallet.

The MagSafe Compatible Card Wallet is great because it will keep all his most important items secure in one place. It works seamlessly with our MagSafe compatible cases, Limitless 4.0 and Infinity, or without a case on his iPhone 12. Help your dad remember less and do more.

For the dancing dad

Everyone loves a bit of dad dancing and some dads really love dancing. The embarrassment at seeing your dad on the dancefloor might fade as you grow up but the love of music he passed on never will. You don’t need to make a mixtape to show your appreciation this Father’s Day - get him an AirPods case.

The snug fit will keep his AirPods safe and secure while providing easy access for charging, all in an aesthetically considered design. We’ve also added a handy keychain, keeping dad’s AirPods close at hand to make sure he never misses a beat. If you want tech accessory gifts for a dad who loves a boogie, get him an AirPods case.

For the teacher

Our dads teach us a lot about the world. They try to instill values in us from birth. Whether your dad taught you to go with the flow or go against the grain, honour his life lessons this Father’s Day with a Limitless 3.0 in Walnut.

Limitless 3.0 is highly protective and highly functional, without compromising on timeless style. Whether your dad has a Samsung, Google Pixel or an iPhone, Limitless 3.0 will expand his phone’s functionality just like he’s always expanded your horizons. 


Make his day

Every dad is unique and special, so every dad deserves a thoughtful Father’s Day gift. But a gift from your heart doesn’t need to come from your hands. Show how much you value all that your dad has done for you with a gift that helps his tech do more for him.. 

Make his day, not his gift.

We are Mous

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