STORROR scale an old gun tower with Mous Collabs

Get set to marvel at STORROR's latest stunt, where they take on the challenge of scaling an ancient gun tower. And guess what? They brought along our STORROR x Mous Collabs phone cases for the ride!

STORROR, the fearless, freerunning parkour collective known for their daring acrobatics and stunts, tackled the walls of an 1800s gun tower and put our collaborative cases to the test in some pretty extreme circumstances.

Despite its age, the tower offered ample opportunities for daring manoeuvres and the seven-man group rose to the challenge. Scaling, leaping and climbing, they pushed the limits by throwing phones from different heights across the tower. The nerve-racking moment arrived as one phone met the concrete with a loud bang, but thanks to our protective technology, only minor surface marks were left on the backplate. Yep, the phone (including the camera and screen) remained in good, working condition.


“The sickest thing about these cases is that they’ve got Mous’s patented AiroShock® technology, so in theory you can drop it from really high and it doesn’t break – it keeps your phone safe.”

– Drew Taylor, STORROR


Don't miss out on STORROR's jaw-dropping stunt in the video above – and keep your eyes peeled to spot our iconic STORROR x Mous Collabs phone cases.

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