Which iPhone 13 mini Case Is Right for You?

The smallest iPhone 13 in the 2021 line-up is the iPhone 13 mini. It has the smallest footprint and the smallest price tag, but it has exactly the same functionality as the standard model. This is a phenomenal phone if you’re more conscious of pocket space. Since this is such an impressive device, it’s important to get yourself a great iPhone 13 mini case. We’ve got two ranges of iPhone 13 mini cases, Limitless 4.0 and Clarity, so you can choose the iPhone 13 mini case which feels right for you.

Clarity: our iPhone 13 mini clear case

The first iPhone 13 mini case we have on offer is Clarity. This iPhone 13 mini clear case is lined with AiroShockTM and made from rigid polycarbonate so it’s ultra-protective. Like all of our iPhone 13 cases, we’ve designed Clarity with a larger camera bump to protect this incredible photography tool. It also has a raised lip at the top and bottom of the screen to protect it if you drop your phone face down. We’d still recommend pairing your iPhone 13 mini case with a high-quality screen protector for maximum protection. One of our favourite things about Clarity is that it’s an iPhone 13 mini clear case. The crystal-clear PC and anti-yellowing coating mean you can show off whichever stunning colour you’ve bought your new phone in without compromising on protection. If you’re keen to show off the native aesthetic of your new phone, we’d recommend our iPhone 13 mini clear case, Clarity.

Limitless 4.0: our iPhone 13 mini MagSafe® compatible case

The second iPhone 13 mini case in our line-up is Limitless 4.0. This is our flagship range and is available in a variety of beautiful backplates including rugged aramid fibre and distinct speckled fabric. This means that if you choose Limitless 4.0, you can pick an iPhone 13 mini aesthetic case to suit your style. This iPhone 13 mini case is also our most protective case because it’s also lined with AiroShockTM and is highly rigid. One of the other things which makes Limitless 4.0 a particularly good option is the way it facilitates your iPhone 13 mini MagSafe - cases should enhance your phone’s functionality and never interfere with its native capabilities. This is an iPhone 13 mini MagSafe compatible case, so you can connect it to the whole Mous ecosystem of iPhone 13 accessories, including wallets, mounts, chargers and more. You can use this iPhone 13 mini case with a huge range of MagSafe compatible accessories. 

Choosing the iPhone 13 mini aesthetic case for you

Both Limitless 4.0 and Clarity are fantastic iPhone 13 mini protective cases. Since they’re both lined with AiroShockTM and constructed from rigid materials, they’ll both keep your new phone safe from drops, shocks and falls. One of the most important differences between the two is the style. What it means to have an iPhone 13 mini aesthetic case is different for everyone. You might be keen to show off the beautiful flagship pink of your new phone, or tone it down in refined leather. Whichever choice you make for your iPhone 13 mini case, Mous has you covered.

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