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iPhone 13 mini Cases

Our iPhone 13 mini cases are designed to be aesthetic and protective. We’re even making iPhone mini clear cases. Following on from our collections of clear cases and ultra-protective Limitless ranges, we’re also making the most of iPhone mini MagSafe. Cases should facilitate everything your phone can natively do. We’re adding to our range for iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max with iPhone mini cases. We’ve got Limitless 4.0 and Clarity launching and each one will be an iPhone 13 mini protective case.

Aesthetic iPhone 13 mini cases

We believe style is as important as substance. That’s why we’re bringing you iPhone 13 mini aesthetic cases. Our Limitless 4.0 range was first developed with the introduction of MagSafe - cases which facilitate your phone should be beautiful too. Limitless 4.0 is available in a range of beautifully finished backplates. Our iPhone 13 mini clear cases, Infinity and Clarity, are crystal-clear to show off your phone’s native design in the iPhone 13 mini case. We use the iPhone 13 mini design ethos for all our products including our AirTag keychain cases.

Protective iPhone 13 mini cases

We’re also making iPhone 13 mini protective cases. Your iPhone 13 mini case should facilitate your lifestyle whatever that is. This is why we have a range of iPhone 13 phone wallets and mounts. This also means your case should keep your new phone safe from drops, shocks and falls. Our iPhone 13 mini protective cases will do just that. Protection won’t come at the expense of iPhone 13 mini MagSafe - cases from Mous will connect to a range of iPhone 13 mini MagSafe compatible accessories.

Clear iPhone 13 mini cases

Clarity is our range of iPhone 13 mini clear cases. Clarity is lined with our ultra-protective impact-absorbing material AiroShock™. This will keep your new iPhone 13 mini safe in the iPhone 13 mini case. Simply slip it off to make the most of your iPhone 13 mini MagSafe - cases should never be a hindrance to making the most of your phone. Pair it with a MagSafe compatible wireless charger and extend the iPhone 13 mini battery life. Then put your iPhone 13 mini case back on.

About Mous

Mous was born out of an uninspiring marketplace that couldn’t offer the versatile and ambitious range of experiences which we wanted from our technology. Tech has the power to be transformative, so the accessories you pair with the tech you use every day should be the best they possibly can. That’s why we make products like ultra-protective screen protectors and water-resistant MacBook sleeves.
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