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iPhone 13 Cases

Mous will be making 2021 iPhone cases. Whether they go by the name ‘iPhone 13 cases’ or something different, our Limitless, Infinity and Clarity ranges have you covered. Our iPhone 13 protective cases include our flagship range Limitless 4.0, which is constructed for extreme protection, functionality and style. We’re also making iPhone 13 clear cases, Infinity and Clarity. Both bring signature Mous protection in crystal-clear style. Limitless 4.0 and Infinity are also iPhone 13 MagSafe cases to provide access to our ecosystem of MagSafe accessories.

iPhone 13 protective cases

Our iPhone 13 cases are engineered for protection. What makes our 2021 iPhone protective cases so relentlessly high-quality is the drop-testing we put them through. Limitless 4.0 and Clarity are lined with AiroShock™, our protective material. This ensures that our iPhone 13 protective cases are ready for whatever drops and shocks your everyday has in store. They’re also constructed with rigid backplates to protect your phone against torsion. We recommend always pairing your iPhone 13 case with a high-quality screen protector.

iPhone 13 clear cases

Our iPhone 13 clear cases are crystal clear. They’re coated in anti-UV technology to prevent yellowing. These iPhone 13 cases are also built from polycarbonate which is extremely rigid. This adds another layer of protection to our iPhone 13 clear cases. For many people buying the 2021 iPhone, clear cases are an obvious aesthetic choice to show off the beautiful native design of the iPhone 13: accessories should always complement the device. That’s why all our tech accessories, such as our iPad cases and AirTag holders, are designed to enhance and elevate the devices’ native style. Infinity is our first clear case with magnets so you can pair it with our MagSafe iPhone 13 accessories.

iPhone 13 MagSafe cases

We designed our iPhone 13 MagSafe compatible cases with a range of iPhone 13 accessories in mind. We updated our Limitless 3.0 cases to Limitless 4.0 when iPhone 12 launched and now we’ll be ensuring they’re ready for the 2021 iPhone: MagSafe cases ensure you won’t lose access to the MagSafe ecosystem of accessories and efficient wireless charging. Our experience with magnets began with AutoAlign™ and its range of accessories like magnetic mounts and card wallets, developed into AutoAlign+TM which has an even more sophisticated magnetic array. Now we’re bringing you iPhone 13 cases which are fully MagSafe compatible.

This Is Mous

Mous was founded by a group of twenty-somethings who saw that the marketplace was filled with protective, ugly phone cases or beautiful, flimsy ones. They saw a way to be better. After years of throwing phones off 45ft cranes and helicopter drops, Mous is making extremely protective and stylish cases which expand your device’s functionality through an ecosystem of magnetic modular accessories. We make wireless chargers, cables and straps, and so many more tech accessories to enhance your everyday.


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