Limitless 2.0 - Bamboo Phone Case

Limitless 2.0 - Bamboo Phone Case

From FCFA10,000
Superior drop protection and added functionality in a slim and sleek design Learn More
Variant: Bamboo


Aramid Fibre

Black Leather




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Hybrid Glass Screen Protector (2 Pack)

From FCFA10,170 FCFA11,300 From FCFA11,300 FCFA18,800

USB C Power Adaptor

From FCFA6,750 FCFA7,500 From FCFA7,500 FCFA18,800

20W Car Charging Adaptor (USB–C)

+FCFA6,000 FCFA12,000 +FCFA12,000

Flip Wallet – With Stand - Limitless 2.0

From FCFA14,850 FCFA16,500 From FCFA16,500 FCFA33,800

  • Innovative AiroShock™ technology provides serious impact protection
  • Connects to unique magnetic accessories through AutoAlign™ technology
  • Uniting style and protection, our design adds minimal extra bulk
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