iPhone 2023 Cases and Accessories

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iPhone 2023 Ecosystem

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iPhone 2023 Cases

When Apple drops a new iPhone, we drop new Mous cases and MagSafe® accessories. Get ready to protect your new device with extremely protective Mous cases – designed to protect your phone from drop damage – and super thin cases, alongside a range of MagSafe® charger, MagSafe compatible accessories, our IntraLock® mechanical mounting collection and more.


Protective iPhone 2023 cases

Our iPhone 2023 case collection will prioritise protection. Every exceptionally secure case boasts AiroShock®, our advanced impact-absorbing material that defends your iPhone against drops and shocks. Crafted with rugged, ultra-rigid materials like aramid fibre, our protective iPhone cases ensure durability. For full protection, pair your new iPhone case with one of our high-quality screen protectors.


Functional iPhone 2023 cases

Our diverse selection of magnetic and mechanical accessories will perfectly complement your iPhone 2023 case. Discover phone wallets, mounts and MagSafe® compatible chargers. Maximise your iPhone's MagSafe capabilities with Mous-designed cases and accessories crafted for seamless compatibility. Unlock boundless potential with our iPhone 2023 cases and accessories.


Stylish iPhone 2023 cases

Get ready for a lineup of 15 or more new iPhone cases, each boasting a unique aesthetic. Our collection spans clear cases, aramid fibre cases, colourful cases and our IntraLock® case, designed for mechanical mounting. We emphasise style alongside substance, crafting iPhone 2023 cases that combine protection, functionality and style. Ensure your new iPhone case mirrors your unique personality.


We are Mous

We’re on a mission to help everyone live better with technology.

Founded in 2014 by a group of twentysomethings with expertise in design, engineering and product development, we made our mark with our ground-breaking phone case, Limitless 1.0, launched through a record-smashing crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo in 2017. Since then, we've developed our approach to design and engineering to iterate our Limitless line and create a whole range of phone cases, cases for even more devices, magnetic accessories, mechanical accessories, wireless chargers and bags to store them all.

Every product we design is crafted with the same level of purpose and care as the technology it supports. But we don't just talk the talk; we demonstrate the value of our products through impactful content. From dropping phones from hot air balloons to throwing backpacks off rooftops, we push it to the extreme to showcase the performance, functionality and style of our accessories.

Whether you lead an extreme or everyday lifestyle, our products are built to keep up with you. The only limit is your imagination.

Mous. Live without limits.


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