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iPhone 13 Pro Cases

Our iPhone 13 Pro cases are here to protect and enhance your phone. Whether you were a day one iPhone 13 Pro owner or a more recent upgrader, you know the value of keeping your smartphone safe and secure. We have combined style with maximum protection so you can get the most out of your iPhone 13 Pro case from day one. Our iPhone 13 Pro cases also have additional functionality, making everyday use that bit easier. If you're looking for MagSafe compatibility, look no further. This is the iPhone 13 - MagSafe cases are fully compatible here.

Ultra-Protective iPhone 13 Pro Cases

Your phone is your most used tech gadget so you want to get the most out of it. Ensure that whatever you do with your phone it’s protected. Our protective iPhone 13 Pro cases do exactly that. Our magnetic iPhone 13 Pro cases designed with our innovative AiroShock™ technology. They absorb impact energy from drops and falls, taking the impact away from your iPhone 13 Pro itself. This material allows us to keep our iPhone 13 Pro and AirPod cases extremely slim and as protective as possible. With our iPhone 13 Pro cases, you’ll never have to worry about dropping your phone again.
Our iPhone 13 Pro cases have a raised lip to offer face-down screen protection. If you want to be covered in every eventuality, we also offer iPhone 13 Pro screen protectors to guard against scratches and cracks.

The Ultimate Functional Case for the iPhone 13 Pro

Our iPhone 13 Pro cases come in a range of high-quality real materials. We have aramid fibre iPhone 13 Pro cases that offer the most protection imaginable. We also have sophisticated, responsibly-sourced walnut that makes your iPhone 13 pro look incredible. You won’t be stuck for choice and your iPhone 13 Pro will look better than ever. You should never have to sacrifice style for substance. With our iPhone 13 Pro cases, you can easily have both.

iPhone 13 Pro MagSafe - Cases That Are Compatible

All of our iPhone 13 Pro cases are Qi wireless charging compatible, so you can charge without any issues. Our range of MagSafe® compatible phone cases, Limitless 4.0 and Infinity, offer total compatibility with the MagSafe tech in your iPhone 13 Pro. You can get the most from your device, as it works seamlessly with our ever growing ecosystem of MagSafe compatible accessories for the iPhone 13 Pro.

About Mous

Mous was born when we found that phone cases were either protective and bulky, or slim, aesthetic and not protective at all. Our mission was to find a balance between the two, creating beautifully crafted cases that guarded your phone against damage caused by impacts. Now we create cases which are extremely protective, highly aesthetic and limitlessly useful. We’ve extended our approach to ultimate protection, style and functionality with AirPod cases, iPad cases, Wireless chargers and other amazing products.

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