Universal IntraLock® Convertor
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Universal IntraLock® Convertor

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This universal IntraLock™ convertor adhesively attaches the IntraLock™ mechanism to your phone case, no matter what phone you have. No iPhone? No problem.

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  • Engineered with IntraLock™ technology for an ultra-secure mechanical connection
  • Extremely secure adhesive attachment
  • Compatible with MagSafe® wallets and mounts
  • Seriously easy to apply and use
  • Allows you to turn your phone case into an IntraLock™ case

Expert Attachment

IntraLock™ Tech
MagSafe® Compatible Magnetic Tech
Extremely Secure Connection

IntraLock™ Technology

Our IntraLock™ convertor contains our innovative, self-developed IntraLock™ technology for a seriously secure connection between your bike and your phone.

Use With Any Phone

The universal IntraLock™ convertor allows you to turn your phone case into an IntraLock™ case. We’ve packaged the IntraLock™ mechanism into a slim disk which adhesively attaches to the back of any smooth-backed case.

Ultra Secure Attachment

We’ve used a super strong 3M VHB adhesive to ensure that the connection between your phone case and your convertor is iron-clad and permanent.

Flat and Slim

At only 2.5mm in thickness, this attachment adds no unnecessary weight or mass to the back of your phone. This slimline mechanism and understated, subtle design ensures you can retain the native aesthetic of your case.

“Ground-breaking… really, really good”
“Mous is an innovative company”
“Mous’s cases are tougher than the guy from The Revenant who fought a bear”
“[a] favourite brand of ours which provides high quality, rigorously tested phone cases.”

Ease of Use

The MagSafe® compatible magnets gently guide the case into the correct place, so you don’t need to worry about fiddly attachment. The mechanical teeth then lock perfectly into place - simply press them together and go.

Ease of Application

We’ve designed a clever rig to help you align your convertor seamlessly to the centre of the case. Follow our simple instructions, included in the packaging of the product, and never worry about incorrect application.

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