Evolution Creation - Remote Kit
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Evolution Creation - Remote Kit

From $172.79
This kit lets you shoot incredible content on your phone. Set up the GorillaPod® as a tripod, grip or wrap it around things for hands-free filming.

Kit includes:
IntraLock™ Phone Case - Evolution
IntraLock™ Universal Accessory Adaptor
JOBY Impulse™

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  • Evolution

    This Red Dot product design award winning case combines mechanical mounting technology, IntraLock™, MagSafe® compatibility and Mous-grade protection.

  • IntraLock™ universal accessory adaptor

    Capture all the content you can imagine - this adaptor lets you attach your phone in the Evolution case to content creation accessories.

  • JOBY TelePod™ SPORT

    An extendable action pole which can be used as a grip or tripod.

  • JOBY Impulse™

    A Bluetooth® certified remote camera control.

Bundle up and save

Capture all that you’ve become. Empower your progression.

IntraLock™ Tech
MagSafe® Compatible Magnetic Tech
Creating Content

Incredible Content Is At Your Fingertips

Be your own photographer. The remote kit allows you to mount your phone and snap pics from a distance. Shooting the action doesn't need to mean missing out on it.


Evolution merges ultimate mechanical mounting with unhindered MagSafe® compatibility and Mous-grade protection. This is the next evolution of the phone case - where will it take you?

IntraLock™ Universal Accessory Adaptor

Create the most extreme content you can imagine using your phone, Evolution and our IntraLock™ universal accessory adaptor. Attach it to third-party tripods, mounts and more and get shooting.

TelePod™ SPORT

JOBY’s TelePod™ SPORT is a four-in-one, waterproof, extendable tripod and grip. Shoot incredible content in any environment with its class-leading length.

“Ground-breaking… really, really good”
“Mous is an innovative company”
“Mous’s cases are tougher than the guy from The Revenant who fought a bear”
“[a] favourite brand of ours which provides high quality, rigorously tested phone cases.”


JOBY’s Impulse™ is a certified Bluetooth® remote camera control. No app required - just pair with your phone and get involved in the action.

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