What is AiroFoam™?

AiroFoam™ is a non-newtonian fluid, which means it doesn’t behave like normal liquids. Under stress or impact, its viscosity – how thick or runny it is – changes, allowing the material to transform from a soft, malleable foam into a hard, protective shell. Basically, AiroFoam™ works hard to keep your device protected – and your mind at ease.

How does it work?

Intelligent molecules ensure the material is soft when at rest.
Upon impact, the material transforms into a hard, protective shell to guard against shock.
The hydrogen bonds between the molecules absorb the impact energy.
When the shock has been absorbed, the material returns to its original soft state.

Why it’s good for your tech

Tough, protective shell

When AiroFoam™ hits a solid surface, all the molecules gather to form a protective shell around your device.

Impact absorption

When impacted, the hydrogen bonds between the molecules temporarily break, consuming energy which would otherwise hit your device.

Geometric design

The foam is installed in a geometric pattern so that it slows down the rate of deceleration when your laptop hits the ground. This reduces the impact on your device.

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