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Our products are designed to enhance the everyday experiences you have with your tech, every day. We’ve designed our ecosystems to facilitate your lifestyle all day. No two people have the same needs from their tech nor are they living exactly the same day, but here at Mous we strive to engineer products which are versatile enough to carry almost anyone through almost any day. Here’s what we think an everyday kind of day with our products might look like for the Mous team.

7.30am - rise and shine

Mornings in London can be pretty grey - we like to set an alarm to make sure we’re up with plenty of time to get to work at Mous HQ. After snoozing that alarm a few times, it’s time to turn it off and catch up on a few messages. We can be a little clumsy when we’re groggy in the morning and our most protective cases, like Limitless, Clarity and Evolution, have an AiroShockTM lining to absorb impacts and are constructed with extremely rigid materials to prevent torsion (an engineering word for twisting). They’ll offer more than enough protection if we knock it off our nightstand.

iPhone 12 Pro phone case Limitless 4.0 in silver pearl on a white bed sheet

8.15am - hit the road

It’s time for our morning commute. We could drive (we have mounts for that), we could take a bus (try an AirPods case), but we tend to cycle. Having our phone in an Evolution case mounted on our IntraLockTM bike mount makes the journey as seamless as possible. We can keep our maps in view to keep us away from roadblocks and bad traffic and, if we’re ever running late, we can dial into that 9am call from our bike. No stress necessary.

Evolution iPhone 13 Pro phone case on a phone bike mount

9.00am - get to work

Now we’ve arrived at Mous HQ, it’s time to start work. First things first, we grab out our laptop from our MacBook sleeve and check our emails. We’ve thought long and hard about what the ultimate desk setup looks like so we set up our iPad, for scribbling notes and making sketches, and a wireless charger, just in case our batteries run a little low. We have the right tech and the right tech accessories to tackle whatever new challenges are thrown our way.

Desk with black MacBook sleeve, black iPad case, wireless charger and a clear phone case

3.00pm - coffee break

Halfway through a busy afternoon, why not treat ourselves to a coffee? Our magnetic card wallets have two card slots and they’re lined with tiny silicone dots to stop them accidentally slipping off the phone. We keep our cards close and our brains boosted so we can keep bringing you amazing products all day long. While we’re there we might want to quickly shoot some content, so having an Evolution creation kit, with an IntraLockTM universal accessory adaptor and a tripod, is always a good idea.

Person holding a walnut Samsung phone case with a phone card wallet above a card reader in a coffee shop

7.00pm - what’s for dinner?

We’re home and we’re hungry. At Mous, we’re always innovating so we thought tonight would be a great time to try a new recipe. It looks pretty complicated so we make following it simpler by magnetically mounting our phone. We can easily see how much salt we need but our phone won’t get splashed by our sauce. Delicious.

Person placing iPhone onto a magnetic phone mount in the kitchen above a saucepot

10.00pm - rest and recharge

It’s getting late and we’ve had a long day getting lots of use out of our Mous products. We’re feeling tired and our phone battery’s drained so it’s time to set our alarms, put our phone on charge and go to sleep. Our MagSafe® compatible charger has a handy dock to stop it sliding around and the charger cools silently, so we know we’ll sleep soundly. We’re looking forward to sweet dreams and more Mous in the morning.

Mous MagSafe compatible charger in a charger dock on a grey surface

About Mous

We are Mous. We make products to enhance your everyday experiences with your tech and elevate the extreme. Each one is designed with a purpose, to solve a real problem people really have. But we don’t stop there - our products are engineered to be limitlessly functional and expand the possibilities of what your devices can do. We have a wide range of tech accessories from screen protectors to AirTags cases and phone case kits.

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