Apple Keynote 2022 Rumours: iPad, Apple Watch, iPhone, 14 Cases from Mous?

It’s that time of year: Apple have announced their ‘Far Out’ event. Apple keynote 2022 will be on the 7th September. At Mous, we keep our ear close to the ground whenever there’s a launch rumour for an iPhone - 14 cases for Apple products later and we can’t wait to make even more. We’ve made cases for iPhones, iPads, AirPods and more. Whatever Apple reveal, we’ll start constructing cases as quickly as we can. In the meantime, we’ve been scouring the internet. Here’s our rumour roundup.

New iPhone announcement?

This is the standard time of year for iPhone - keynote in September historically brings a new version of their flagship product. We’ve been reading rumours about four models and fewer notches. Last year, Apple blew us away with cameras for the iPhone 13 Pros which were far more advanced than any smartphone we’d seen. We’ve read chatter on the internet that they might get upgraded again. Of course, we won’t know anything until the day itself. We’re so excited to hear about the new iPhone - 14 releases later and Apple haven’t stopped innovating.

New iPad announcement?

At the Apple event this time last year we had a few new iPad announcements. The standard model got an upgrade and the new mini was packing a big punch. Sometimes new iPads are announced alongside iPhone - 14 cases of new iPhone announcements and we never know whether or not to expect iPads. The internet seems to think we’ll be getting another Apple event in October to announce them. Perhaps Apple want all their focus on the iPhone.

New Apple Watch announcement?

We often think about the September event as the iPhone keynote. But we should think again. In the past we’ve also often gotten an Apple Watch announcement. Last year we saw the Apple Watch Series 7. The screen got bigger, the waterproofing improved and some fun new features were added to the software. This year, we’re hoping for up to three new Apple Watches. We’re hearing rumours that ‘Pro’ isn’t just for iPhone - 14 cases or more of iPads and iPhones being called ‘Pro’ occur across Apple’s history. We don’t know if the Apple Watch Pro is really coming or just a rumour. Either way, we can’t wait.

Will Mous make new iPhone cases?

This one isn’t a rumour. We definitely will. Whatever Apple throw at us at Far Out, Mous cases won’t be much further. Every year we’re rapid to respond to a new iPhone - 14 cases for different Apple products, we’ve delivered quickly. You can trust that whatever Apple assemble, we’ll construct cases and accessories for extreme protection, serious style and limitlessly functionality. We can’t wait to start building our range for the new iPhone. You can register your interest in our ecosystem here.

This is Mous

From extreme AiroShock™ impact-absorption and seamless magnetic connection to beautiful iridescence, our phone cases are made for protection, functionality and style. No compromises. Mous was founded when we saw an uninspiring marketplace full of products which couldn’t provide all three. We saw a way to do better. Now we bring our product ethos of relentlessly high quality without compromise to a whole range of tech accessories. Check out our mechanically mounting Evolution phone cases, MacBook sleeves, a huge range of clear cases and more.

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