Mous's History of Magnetic Innovation

Our newest magnetic phone cases, Limitless 4.0 and Infinity, have finally arrived. The two MagSafe compatible cases are the latest in a long line of magnetic innovation for Mous. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and retread the path that brought us here. 

Where It All Began… 

The concept for Limitless, our first phone case, was simple. We wanted to create a case which was simultaneously immensely protective, highly aesthetic and offered “limitless” functionality. The execution was similarly straight-forward - in order to connect our cases to magnetic accessories, we designed cases which had a sheet of metal built into the backplate. As well as making the cases rigid, and therefore delivering on our ambition to be as protective as possible, this meant we could create magnetic mounts to easily and effectively expand the functionality of people’s phones. This extremely uncomplicated approach to magnetic accessories provided a jumping off point for years of innovation, and ultimately led to the sophisticated, intricate magnetic design we use today

We knew that beautiful slim phone cases offered basically no protection and that protective cases were bulky and ugly, so we strived to find a middle ground. In doing so, we realised that there was so much potential for cases to enhance the experiences people have with their tech. So our purpose became to combine protection with style and innovative functionality in the most effective way.

Rolling Into Limitless 2.0 

Limitless 1.0, as it’s now fondly remembered, ended up being the first of four iterations of our flagship case - Limitless 2.0 came about a year later when Apple put out the iPhone X range, all of which were compatible with wireless charging. Great news for the consumer, not such great news for us. The metal backplate which had been the centrepoint of our initial Limitless design now rendered the user’s phone completely unable to connect to a wireless charger. 

Ultimately, this sparked the beginnings of our bombastic approach to product design. Responding directly to the iPhone’s new design, we built Limitless 2.0, a case which could both offer magnetic connectivity and allow wireless charging. By switching out the metal backplate for four distinct, neodymium magnets in the back of the case, we secured the best of both worlds. Optimal wireless charging and a range of accessories that the consumer could slip on and off their phone at will. 

How Limitless 2.0 Became Limitless 3.0 

When the iPhone 11 was released, it was time to innovate again. With iPhones getting bigger and wireless charging becoming increasingly important we knew we needed to do three things: one, provide a strong hold to accessories, two, be able to securely magnetically mount even the largest of phones, like the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and three, have no magnetic interference with the phone itself.

With this in mind, we created AutoAlign+™ for Limitless 3.0. AutoAlign+™ is designed to create the maximum possible force whilst not interfering with the phone’s functionality. By manipulating the polarity of the magnets, we created an iron-clad hold made up of magnetic pull that faces away from the customer’s phone. This created a fully optimised magnetic mounting system for thicker, protective cases. It was no easy task to create such an intricately designed case, but we have engineered a product with 34 parts and 20 precisely positioned magnets. 

A key part of our ethos has always been that you can have a supremely protective case that also prioritises functionality, and our focus on functionality and protection working in synergy is what’s led to Limitless 3.0. Limitless 3.0 features strong, defensive materials alongside magnetic mounting technology. 

Responding to Apple’s MagSafe 

Apple’s iPhone 12 announcement which included the global re-launch of MagSafe technology presented a new challenge for us. We had to completely change our magnetic mounting system, but our years of experience meant we could pivot and produce an extremely innovative design really quickly.

That’s where Limitless 4.0 and Infinity come in, our thinnest cases yet that are still extremely protective. They have been designed from the ground up to be completely compatible with the whole MagSafe ecosystem of phones and accessories. We’ve used 38 precisely aligned magnets, each of which corresponds to a MagSafe magnet in the iPhone 12. By burying our magnet design in the shallow grooves along the inside of our phone cases, we’ve minimised the material between the magnetic array and magnetic accessories to ensure a powerful connection. Sandwiching our sophisticated magnetic design between thin sheets of stiff materials allows us to provide maximum protection, minimal bulk, and total compatibility with the world of MagSafe.

Limitless 4.0 is the natural extension of our Limitless range up until now, and Infinity is the first time we’ve ever brought magnetic technology to a clear case.

What Comes Next… 

The core of our brand is simple. We create products that expand the experiences our customers have with their everyday tech, every day. Everything that we do is built on the idea that it should enhance your life in some way. Whether that means creating cases that you don’t have to worry about dropping, or designing products that make your tech even more useful by connecting it to magnetic accessories, we don’t innovate for the sake of it. Every design and product choice we make is carefully considered to ensure that you get the most out of the devices you love. 

We don’t know what the future holds, but you can count on us to make sure that it’s going to be awe inspiring. This is what it’s like to live without limits. 


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