The Lowdown on Leather Phone Cases

There are thousands of different phone cases on the market in thousands of different styles, so you may be wondering why you should go for a leather phone case and what to look out for if you do. Our handy guide gives you all the info you need to decide whether a leather phone case is for you and if it is, which one you should buy.

The Style of a Leather Phone Case 

There are a huge number of benefits for a leather phone case, and the most important one is that they look good. Leather phone cases are a seriously stylish bit of kit that give your phone an elegant and premium look and feel. No matter what your personal aesthetic is like, a leather phone case will fit your style. 

Leather has a timeless appearance, and real leather (more on that later…) will age beautifully, giving your phone a refined and sophisticated appearance. These cases are also unique to every user. Because of the way real leather ages, you’ll never end up with the same case as someone else. In the same way that no two leather wallets are the same, so too no two leather phone cases look alike. If you’re looking for a case which maximises your personal style and matches your aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with leather. All of our Limitless ranges feature leather phone cases and all of them are created for style that lasts.  

Can Leather Phone Cases be Protective? 

Yes, leather phone cases absolutely can be protective. Leather is a very tough material that adds a layer of extra protection to the outside of your phone case. Real leather is hard to pierce and is resistant to scratches and scrapes that might damage a phone case made of plastic. Because of how durable leather is, leather phone cases notoriously last longer than their plastic counterparts. 

Additionally, leather phone cases will be as protective as their construction. The outer material of a phone case is much less important for protection than what’s inside of it. All of our Limitless leather phone cases are lined with AiroShockTM material which absorbs the impact of drops and shocks. The inside of our cases are made with materials like PU (used in the making of space vehicles) which are extremely rigid and stop your phone from twisting on impact. Twists can cause costly damage to your device. A leather phone case which is well made and well constructed will be extremely protective because of what’s inside it.

Which Leather Phone Cases to Buy 

There are a lot of leather phone cases on the market, and we think these are the key things you should look out for before making a purchase: 

1. Real Leather 

There are a lot of imitation leathers used in leather phone cases. When you’re shopping for a leather phone case, make sure you buy a case which uses the phrase “real leather”. Plastic leather alternatives don’t last as well as real leather and won’t age well. Confusingly, “genuine leather” doesn’t mean the same thing as real leather. Genuine leather means that there is some leather in the material, but it’s not made completely from leather. All of our Limitless leather phone cases are made with 100% real leather. 

2. Extreme Protection 

As we mentioned, leather alone won’t protect your phone. Go for a leather phone case which is constructed with tough, resistant materials and has great internal engineering to ensure that your case lasts as long as possible. 

3. Additional Functionality  

There’s no reason that your leather phone case shouldn’t make your phone even more useful. Leather shouldn’t prevent Qi-certified wireless charging and it shouldn’t stop your phone connecting to modular magnetic accessories. Our Limitless 4.0 leather phone cases allow your iPhone 12 to still connect with Apple’s MagSafe ecosystem of accessories and chargers. Our Limitless 3.0 and 2.0 leather phone cases connect to a whole range of extremely innovative accessories, including card wallets, mounts and, exclusively for our Limitless 3.0 cases, AutoAlign+™ wireless chargers.

Mous Leather Phone Cases 

All of our leather phone cases are made to look good, last ages and expand the experiences you have with your phone. We also have leather iPad cases so you can mix and match for a style and aesthetic that suits you best. Check out our full range of leather phone cases here. 

We’re Mous 

Mous was founded on the belief that phone cases could be both protective and aesthetic. We found that cases which boasted protectivity were chunky and unattractive and that slim cases did very little to protect your phone. We took to the most rigorous product testing imaginable, throwing cases off 45ft cranes and dropping iPhones out of helicopters - we know nothing will make your tech indestructible but that doesn’t stop us from trying. Our ultimate goal is to raise people’s expectations of what a case can deliver, creating beautiful and practical products that can protect your most valued tools.

As well as beautiful and highly protective phone cases, we’ve created a range of other accessories including screen protectors, phone wallets, phone mounts and more.

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