What Makes a Case MagSafe® Compatible?

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When Apple launched the iPhone 12 in 2020, they announced an innovative in-built technology with it - MagSafe. Apple have included MagSafe in all their iPhone series since.

Each iPhone 12 has a ring of multiple magnets in the back positioned around a Qi charging coil. MagSafe refers to the magnetic ring, and the Apple ecosystem of chargers and accessories which have the same ring of the same magnets. 

For accessories like card wallets, this means it will stay magnetically connected to your phone. For your wireless charger, it ensures a perfect alignment between the charging coil and phone battery for optimised charge speeds. A copper shield between the MagSafe and charging components, and the rest of the iPhone’s internal components prevents the magnetic field from interfering inside your phone.

Group shot of iPhone 12 MagSafe compatible cases and MagSafe compatible accessories

We always want to facilitate all the latest technology Apple are producing. So when they made the big announcement, we knuckled down and got to work responding as quickly as possible. Using our history of magnetic expertise, we were able to engineer an array of 36 perfectly positioned magnets for flawless MagSafe compatibility. Our very first MagSafe compatible cases hit the market just a few months after MagSafe.

Mous iPhone 12 MagSafe compatible cases and MagSafe compatible wireless chargers

Limitless 4.0 is our MagSafe compatible flagship case. It’s lined with our high-impact material, AiroShockTM, for maximum protection, comes in a wide range of seriously stylish backplates and is seamlessly MagSafe compatible.

Infinity is our very first clear magnetic case, exclusive to our MagSafe compatible range. It’s made from polycarbonate and coated in anti-yellowing tech to ensure your phone stays protected and stays crystal-clear.

Two iPhone 12 MagSafe compatible phone cases from Mous

Beyond our cases, we have a massive range of MagSafe compatible modular add-ons. We have card wallets, flip wallets, mounts and a wide variety of MagSafe compatible chargers and charging accessories. We’ve taken everything we learnt from developing AutoAlign+™, our bespoke magnetic array, and applied it to creating magnetic cases and accessories which are flawlessly compatible with MagSafe.

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A variety of Mous products including iPhone 13 cases, iPad case, MacBook Pro sleeve and MagSafe compatible accessories

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