Are magnets bad for phones?

The effect of magnets on phones raises a lot of questions. You may have seen articles about how magnetism can interfere with GPS, the compass, and battery life. After all, internal magnets are present within the latest devices. This poses the question: do magnets affect smartphones? The simple answer is that a large enough & powerful enough magnet could. But, it is highly unlikely that your average household magnet would have an adverse effect, and the magnets in Mous phone cases are not powerful enough to cause any substantial interference. That is why a number of leading Mous products utilise magnetic force without causing any problem to your smartphone. In the slight chance that the magnets do cause interference with your phone, you can simply recalibrate your device by moving it in a figure of 8 with your arm and continue using as normal.

Are Magnetic Car Phone Holders Safe For Your Phone? 

Our car phone mounts are safe to use with your smartphone. In fact, all Mous phone accessories that boast magnetic characteristics are safe to use with whichever device you have. The Limitless 2.0 and 3.0 range features magnetic connectivity so you can pair your phone case with a number of accessories within the same range to get the most from your device. 

the mous magnetic phone holder is safe for your phone

Our magnetic accessories like the car vent or suction mounts are magnetised to the phone case, not the phone itself. But don’t worry, the case and the accessory combined should still not be powerful enough to adversely affect your smartphone.


Do Magnetic Card Holders Affect Phone Battery?

Likewise with our mounts, our wallets for Mous phone cases do not cause problems to iPhones, Google Pixels, or the Samsung Galaxy models. Again, in order for card holders to function, they will require a Mous case. You will need a Limitless 2.0 case to work with Limitless 2.0 accessories or a Limitless 3.0 case for Limitless 3.0 accessories.

can magnets damage phones & battery life

For example, our magnetic card holders which are compatible with our Limitless range of smartphone cases, are purposely designed with functionality in mind. When you apply your Mous case, the card wallet can seamlessly connect magnetically with the back of the case. It will not cause your device or its battery any problems.


How We Take Advantage of Magnets

Magnetisation is a key part of the Mous phone accessories collection. We use it across our car vent holders, wall mounts, phone wallets and card holders. This effortlessly makes your smartphone much more useful. We are able to do this by using special Mous technology known as AutoAlign™ in our Limitless 2.0 range and AutoAlignPlus™ in our Limitless 3.0 range. 

AutoAlign™ and AutoAlignPlus™ are unique to Mous. We have developed these technologies to make smartphones even more functional than they already are. Pair our exclusive tech with our protective phone cases to unlock even more potential. Go hands-free in the kitchen with a wall mount, safely navigate the roads, and keep vital cards accessible for easy payments. Plus, all of this does not impact Qi wireless charging or damage your phone in any way. 

Check out our video (particularly from 01:06 onwards) to see just how we make your phone more useful.



About Mous Protection 

Keep your phone protected with our tough and durable phone cases. They have been tested far beyond the means that any case should have to go through! You will be able to enjoy maximum protection, as well as a slim, minimalist aesthetic. With powerful materials such as aramid fibre or polycarbonate clear cases, you can relax knowing that your device will be well protected. We also offer screen protectors to help keep screen scratches to a minimum and AirPods cases to keep your wireless charging case safe from harmful knocks.

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