Apple Announced iPhone 14 - Cases by Mous Went Live

Yesterday’s Apple Keynote event unveiled some impressive new products, from the entirely new Apple Watch Ultra to the most advanced AirPods Pro so far. The highlight for many was the highly-anticipated iPhone 14 - cases from Mous are already available to order! 

If you didn’t follow the livestream or announcements as they unfolded, here’s a summary.

A range of Apple Watches

The opening of the Apple event began with the unveiling of three new Apple watches: Series 8, SE and Ultra. Starting with the Apple Watch Series 8, we were introduced to a watch focused on enhancing health and emergency features. The temperature-sensing capabilities give women better estimates of when they ovulated whilst Crash Detection can automatically dial emergency services. Meanwhile, the new Apple Watch SE is a great place to start your Apple Watch journey at a new low price of £259.

During the Apple keynote we were able to see Apple’s first truly rugged wearable: Apple Watch Ultra. Inspired by extreme activities, this incredible tool has been designed for athletes, explorers and anyone who aspires to push beyond their limits. With a customisable Action button, Compass Waypoints and the most accurate GPS of any Apple Watch to date, the Ultra is similar to a Mous iPhone 14 case - a great companion for all your adventures.

The most advanced AirPods Pro

It's been three years since the Apple event that launched the first Airpods Pro. Yesterday, the announcement of the newest AirPods Pro came with a series of exciting features and upgrades. Powered with an advanced H2 chip, the AirPods Pro cancels twice as much noise as the previous generation and offers a unique spatial audio experience. 

It’s worth noting that the upgraded touch control means you can adjust your volume directly from the stem. There’s now no need to pull out your iPhone 14 - clear case of Apple upgrading their listening experience to be more immersive and seamless. Many will also be happy to hear that the Precision Finding feature locates your charging case with guided directions.

The iPhone 14 is here!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: the iPhone 14 - cases of it being called something different were reported but Apple finally put those rumours to rest. The four devices Apple released are the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. 

All four devices come with a Ceramic Shield front cover which is more durable than any smartphone glass. The built in Crash Detection and Emergency SOS features are the first of their kind in the industry and provide a sense of security no matter what. Apple is also improving how we capture adventures on video with the new iPhone 14 - case in point, all four devices come with an Action mode for smooth-looking video documentation. 

For the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max the bionic chip has been upgraded to a powerful A16 chip. Additional exciting features include Always-On display which keeps your phone illuminated. Meanwhile, the Dynamic Island replaces the notch and blends the line between hardware and software. By redesigning the TrueDepth camera array to take up less space, the Dynamic Island is able to show important alerts and notifications.

Order your iPhone 14 case now

As you wait for the iPhone 14 to be released on Friday 16th of September,  our new iPhone 14 cases are ready to order here.

Our biggest range of iPhone cases ever includes iPhone 14 clear cases Clarity, Clarity Lite, Infinity and our all new Clarity 2.0. With backplate options ranging from crystal clear to beautifully bold iridescent dawn, our clear cases are designed to satisfy all styles. 

Limitless 5.0 is the latest iteration of our flagship range for the iPhone 14 MagSafe® - cases come in a range of stylish backplates and offer seamless MagSafe compatibility. We’ve also launched iPhone 14 cases in the Evolution range for a kaleidoscope of experiences. 

Make the most of your new iPhone with our wide range of accessories, from MagSafe® compatible flip wallets and card wallets to wireless chargers and mounts.

Apple’s impressive Keynote presentation revealed a set of innovative features that will no doubt shape the future of the tech industry. At Mous, we’re constructing the future too with our iPhone 14 cases and accessories that we’ve engineered to enhance the everyday experiences you have with your tech. Check out the full range here!

We are Mous

At Mous, we create industry-leading tech accessories with a laser focus on expansion and innovation. Our flagship iPhone case, Limitless, was inspired by an uninspiring marketplace and began our journey of offering heroic protection, extreme functionality and refined style. Since then, our product range has increased massively to ensure we can offer customers a versatile, ambitious range of experiences. Our relentlessly high-quality products include MacBook sleeves, iPad cases and screen protectors

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