Everything We Know About Keynote 2021 So Far

On Tuesday, Apple made the announcement we’ve all been waiting for: their September event, called California Streaming, is happening on September 14th. We have no idea what Apple are going to announce, but we’ve been keeping an eye on all the rumours flying about the internet. From the 2021 iPhone, cases of speculation about new AirPods, to a new Apple Watch, here’s the latest.

The 2021 iPhone series

Apple have filed patents for four new iPhones, and this is just about all we know for sure. We don’t know if they’ll follow in the iPhone 12’s footsteps with a base model, a Mini, a Pro and a Pro Max. We don’t even know yet if it’ll be called iPhone 12S or iPhone 13 - cases of it being referred to as both can be found in the internet’s rumour mills. Or it might be called something entirely different.

The 2021 iPhone camera and chip

Some of the more consistent rumours include bigger and better cameras. Content creation is becoming increasingly important to the tech demographic, so it seems likely that Apple will respond to that market trend for the 2021 iPhone - clear cases of them responding to market demand in the past include handsets like the SE. But this doesn’t mean Apple would ever compromise on performance and lots of rumours suggest an upgraded chip. We’ve seen the A12 chip in the iPhone, 13, 14 and now we might just get an A15 chip. The 2021 iPhone’s speed and refresh rate looks like it could be set to turbocharge next week.

The 2021 iPhone look

We’d expect the overall aesthetic of the iPhone to stay the same, keeping the squared edges of the iPhone 12. What might well change is the flagship colour of the 2021 iPhone - cases and other accessories might just need a refresh to match. The other major change being talked about on the internet is that the notch at the top of the screen may be getting smaller. This would be the first change to it since it was introduced with Face ID in the iPhone X. With this set of aesthetic changes being rumoured for the 2021 iPhone, cases and screen protectors might need a revamp.

New AirPods and Apple Watch

It’s hard to predict what other tech is likely to be announced at this Apple Event. Spring Loaded 2021 saw new Macs and new iPads, but not the AirPods that were rumoured. Now a lot of the internet is speculating that the AirPods are arriving on Tuesday along with the Apple Watch Series 7. Some suspect new iPad minis and others think they could be saved for a different event. We’re excited to see what gets launched either way.

In a nutshell

We don’t know anything for sure! Based on the internet rumours, we’re anticipating four new phones, whether they’re called the iPhone 12S, iPhone 14 to skip the unlucky number, or iPhone 13; cases can be expected from Mous as soon as we can either way. It could be faster, crisper and have a better camera and smaller notch. We might also get new AirPods and an Apple Watch. Register your interest in 2021 iPhone cases from Mous here and stay tuned for Tuesday…


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