From iPhone 12 to the 2021 iPhone: Mous and MagSafe

In our anticipation for the 2021 iPhone, cases are on our mind. We’re excited to start making 2021 iPhone MagSafe compatible cases when the moment comes, so we thought now would be a great moment to look back at our journey with MagSafe.

Apple launches MagSafe

When Apple launched the iPhone 12 last year with its new MagSafe magnetic array, we jumped at the opportunity to apply our expertise in magnetic innovation to a new challenge. Our brand vision is to develop innovative magnetic tech which complements Apple’s product range: when Apple introduced wireless charging capabilities to iPhone X, we responded by developing AutoAlignand Limitless 2.0 to facilitate it, and as iPhones grew larger we developed AutoAlign+ and Limitless 3.0 for a stronger magnetic hold. We aim to create products which enhance your tech’s functionality but never interfere with its native capabilities. When Apple creates, we innovate and innovate quickly. Any potential 2021 iPhone case will be no different. 

Mous responds rapidly

We immediately managed to get Limitless 3.0 cases for iPhone 12 to market with our own bespoke magnetic technology, AutoAlign+, and developing a MagSafe compatible case was an exciting new challenge we didn’t hesitate to sink our teeth into. We’d created magnetic arrays with three magnets, we’d engineered with 24, and now we were working with 38. We rose to the occasion. Just three months after the iPhone 12 launch we brought out not one, but two MagSafe compatible cases, Limitless 4.0 and Infinity, and a MagSafe compatible card wallet. We’ll be making the most of the same magnetic expertise and rapid response when the time comes to get to work on 2021 iPhone protective cases and 2021 iPhone clear cases. 

Mous’s MagSafe compatible range

Since we started selling our initial MagSafe compatible cases and card wallet, our ecosystem of MagSafe compatible accessories has grown at a rapid pace. We’ve made a MagSafe compatible flip wallet to keep your phone, accessories and aesthetic flexible whether you’re using an iPhone 12 case or a 2021 iPhone case. We also have a wide range of MagSafe compatible charging accessories, including a charger dock, a stand and a wireless charger itself so that you can charge your iPhone however suits you best. 

Coming soon...

Coming very soon are MagSafe compatible mounts for ultimate hands-free versatility. Whether you’ll be using it with your iPhone 12 or a 2021 iPhone, cases are optional as it will stick just as well to a naked iPhone thanks to the MagSafe compatible magnetic array. 

And, of course, we’re starting to think about what we’ll make in terms of 2021 iPhone cases when Apple makes their announcement. We’re counting down the days…

This is Mous

Mous was founded with the goal of creating ultra-protective phone cases which were also exceptionally useful and seriously stylish. We engineered carefully and drop-tested extensively, throwing phones from 45ft cranes, helicopters and hot air balloons, so we can be confident that we’re setting the bar high. We envision a world where you can do more with your tech so now we’re creating a wide range of accessories, including screen protectors, magnetic mounts and AirTag cases.

Live without limits.

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