Our Stand-Out iPhone 13 Pro Cases

Another year, another incredibly impressive new iPhone Pro. It’s the same screen size as the standard iPhone 13, but its larger cameras and slightly different dimensions mean we’re making bespoke iPhone 13 Pro cases. From our iPhone 13 Pro protective cases to our iPhone 13 Pro clear cases, here are Mous’s stand-out iPhone 13 Pro cases.

Limitless 4.0 - our flagship iPhone 13 Pro case

Our very first Limitless case looked a lot like our Limitless 4.0 iPhone 13 Pro case, but the technology inside has advanced massively. Limitless 4.0 is lined with AiroShockTM, it’s constructed with extremely rigid materials to protect against torsion and it has a raised lip at the top and bottom for extra screen protection. Its increased camera bump also makes it an effective iPhone 13 Pro protective case. Inside, it has 38 perfectly positioned magnets which are completely compatible with your iPhone 13 Pro MagSafe® - cases and accessories from the Mous MagSafe compatible universe are at your fingertips. Not only is this iPhone 13 Pro case extremely protective and limitlessly functional, it’s seriously stylish. With a number of unique backplates to choose from, this is a great choice for an iPhone 13 Pro aesthetic case.

Infinity - our MagSafe compatible iPhone 13 Pro clear case

Our second iPhone 13 Pro MagSafe compatible case is Infinity. It’s our first clear case with magnets and it’s our thinnest case ever. If you’re looking for an iPhone 13 Pro clear case which is also MagSafe compatible, this is our stand-out choice. You don’t need to choose between a crystal-clear iPhone 13 Pro case and MagSafe compatibility. When you buy your iPhone 13 Pro, aesthetic cases might be something you want. But, you might be concerned about a clear case going yellow. Our anti-UV coating will protect against yellowing to keep it clearer for longer. It’s also very protective because it’s constructed from rigid polycarbonate. 

Clarity - our ultra-protective iPhone 13 Pro clear case

Our final iPhone 13 Pro case is Clarity. It’s lined with AiroShockTM so it’s highly protective, but this is also an iPhone 13 Pro clear case. It’s engineered with a rigid construction to protect against torsion, so this is an impressive iPhone 13 Pro protective case. This iPhone 13 Pro case also contains anti-yellowing technology so it can be clearly protective. That’s why this is one of our stand-out iPhone 13 Pro cases.

You can shop our whole range of iPhone 13 cases here and our wide range of iPhone 13 accessories here.

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