The Mous Mentality: Our Vision for How You Can Use Your Tech

At Mous, we believe in the transformative power of technology - we’ve seen first-hand the impact that tech has on our lives, and we believe that you can and should expect more from the devices you use every day. We create tech accessories which offer a versatile and ambitious range of experiences. Our vision for your tech is one where there are limitless possibilities for how you can use it; our tech accessories are designed to remove any limitations or restrictions. There’s no need to imagine a future where you can do more with your tech because we already have. This is the Mous mentality.

Products with purpose

First and foremost, we expand our customers’ lives through products with purpose - we don’t innovate for innovation’s sake. When we started out, all the phone cases on the market were either protective but ugly, or very pretty and not protective at all. We knew we could do both, so our first products were extremely protective phone cases which were seriously stylish. We also designed them to magnetically connect with a range of accessories to solve even more problems. 

Everything we create is entirely conceived and intricately designed to solve real problems our real customers really have. We’re laser focused on tangible results – you won’t find any gimmicks here because all our products have been over-engineered to improve lives. 

That’s why we make magnetically optimised wireless chargers, for example. Wireless charging is one of the most exciting recent innovations for mobile phones, but too often it’s slow and inefficient. We started dissecting the technology and worked out that if we perfectly aligned the coil in your phone with the coil in your charger you could have a high-speed charge every time. Our AutoAlign+™ technology doesn’t contain magnets for the sake of it - they’re there to ensure the perfect alignment so you can have rapid charging speeds, even wirelessly. This is what we mean when we say we’re problem-solvers - we innovated to make inefficient wireless charging a thing of the past.

Enhancing lifestyles

At its core, the Mous mentality isn’t just concerned with fixing problems, it’s about enhancing your lifestyle. We know how integral your tech is to your day-to-day, so with every tech accessory we create, we aim to actively improve an aspect of your life. In doing so, our products should slot seamlessly into your lifestyle, no matter what your lifestyle might be. Your phone is essential to every part of your day because it allows you to access every part of your life at the touch of a button. In the same way, your Limitless case and the magnetic accessories that come with it should be equally essential because they house your debit and credit cards, but allow you to swap them out for a magnetic car mount when you get behind the wheel. 

Our products are not just tools or utilities, they are designed and crafted to enable and enhance your real life; not simply making your life easier, but actively making it better. Each and every Mous accessory is designed to become an integral and vital part of the way that you interact with your tech, and ultimately, our job is done when you wonder how you ever lived without it.

Relentlessly high-quality

Our products are able to enable your lifestyle because we ensure every aspect of what we do is relentlessly high-quality: we apply that intense attention to quality to every element of the products we create and service we provide. By designing, creating, marketing and shipping every product ourselves, we know that each aspect of the journey you take is impeccable. From the moment you first see our accessories in an advert, to long after the accessory is in your hands, our products perform as promised and the quality of our service matches the quality of what we create. 

Everything we create is engineered for optimal performance. When we develop a product, every feature is designed precisely to perform as well as it can. Our iPad cases, for instance, are designed with four magnetically optimised standing angles - but the angles aren’t arbitrarily selected. The lowest position gives you a solid surface to draw on and the highest position is 71 degrees which is carefully selected as the perfect angle to watch video content when you’re sitting upright. We’re always thinking of the most useful ways to create products that go above and beyond to deliver considered design.

Even after you’ve made your purchase, our commitment to quality doesn’t end. We’re serious about always ensuring our customer support is the best it can be. Because the best should never be too much to ask.

Show, not tell

But we would never expect you to take our word for the quality of what we do - we make big claims because we know we can back them up. Not only do we put our accessories through rigorous and extensive testing, but we’ll bring you along for that ride by carefully documenting every step of the process and sharing it in the most explosive video content imaginable. This is one of the many ways we demonstrate our belief in show, not tell; if we say that our products are extremely protective, we’ll drop them out of a helicopter to prove it; if we tell you that our magnetic accessories are seriously useful, we’ll show you exactly how we’d use them. You know our AirTag keychain case will come in handy because we used ours to keep track of a cheeky dog. You can be confident your phone case can handle your next adventure because we’ve taken one rock climbing, dropped it and it survived.

Live without limits 

Nothing makes your tech indestructible, but nothing stops us trying. Our entire approach to engineering, marketing our products and supporting our customers stems from our belief that you can and should expect more from the products you use everyday. We create products with purpose because we want to solve real problems and enhance lifestyles. We do it through our relentless focus on high quality and we’ll always show you the journey it takes to get there. Our products are built around extreme performance, serious style and limitless functionality because that’s what it takes to achieve our vision for how you can use your tech. 

This is it. This is the Mous mentality. 

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