What is MagSafe?

When Apple launched their iPhone 12 range, they also relaunched their magnetic technology, MagSafe®. This has left a lot of people wondering, what is MagSafe, what does MagSafe mean, and how does MagSafe work?

Back in the day, MagSafe was the term Apple used to refer to their MacBook charger which connected magnetically to the device, but MacBooks now use a USB-C charger*. Apple has adapted their magnetic technology for iPhone, keeping the name MagSafe. 

So, what is MagSafe now? MagSafe is a very clever magnetic alignment system for your iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. It means they can efficiently charge wirelessly, and you can mount a range of accessories to it.

How does MagSafe® Work?

Each iPhone 12 has a ring of multiple magnets in the back positioned around a Qi charging coil^. MagSafe® refers to the magnetic ring, and the Apple ecosystem of chargers and accessories which have the same ring of the same magnets. This means that the accessories and phones can connect to each other. A copper shield- between the MagSafe and charging components and the rest of the iPhone’s internal components prevents the magnetic field from interfering inside your phone.

If a phone is not aligned properly on a Qi charger, it won’t charge as quickly and sometimes won’t charge at all. The MagSafe technology in the iPhone connects to MagSafe and MagSafe compatible wireless chargers magnetically and aligns perfectly to keep this from happening.

MagSafe also works as a magnetic mounting system. As part of the MagSafe ecosystem, alongside new MagSafe chargers, Apple launched a range of magnetic accessories. This means that you can connect useful items like card wallets directly to the back of your iPhone 12. Very handy.

What does MagSafe® compatible mean?

When it comes to personalising a new iPhone 12, or iPhone 12 mini, or iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro Max, there’s a lot of terminology to pay attention to: what is a MagSafe® case, for example. MagSafe compatible means that a product is specifically designed to work alongside Apple MagSafe. 

Mous’s range of MagSafe compatible accessories contain a ring of 38 magnets which align exactly with Apple MagSafe so they can work seamlessly together. This allows you to make the most of their iPhone 12’s native MagSafe capabilities, while keeping access to the Mous ecosystem.


Are Mous cases MagSafe® compatible?

Whenever Apple launches new products, we innovate so that we can bring our customers the most cutting-edge experience possible. After Apple launched MagSafe®, we ascertained how does MagSafe work, and how can we deliver a MagSafe compatible case. The result is our MagSafe compatible range, including Limitless 4.0, Infinity and a whole ecosystem of Mous magnetic accessories.

Limitless 4.0 cases - MagSafe® compatible

Our Limitless 4.0 case is fully MagSafe compatible. This is a case that merges absolute maximum protection with full compatibility with all MagSafe compatible accessories and chargers. Not only is it Mous’s thinnest Limitless case yet, so that it doesn’t interfere with MagSafe compatibility, it has our most sophisticated magnetic technology to date. Engineered with 38 perfectly positioned magnets, Limitless 4.0 is a highly innovative case. To minimise material between the magnetic array& and magnetic add-ons, our magnets have been integrated into a shallow groove between the layers of the case. This ensures a powerful connection to your accessories and seamless wireless charging.

Infinity cases - MagSafe® compatible

Our Infinity case is our very first clear case to integrate magnetic technology. It’s crystal-clear to show off your iPhone 12’s native style, while still providing extreme protection and compatibility with all MagSafe compatible accessories. Using our years of expertise creating protective cases, we’ve been able to engineer one of our thinnest cases yet. By sandwiching the same sophisticated magnetic design between thin sheets of ultra-clear polycarbonate+, Infinity is designed for minimal bulk but total compatibility with the world of MagSafe.

MagSafe® compatible accessories

Alongside our MagSafe compatible cases, we have engineered a whole range of MagSafe compatible accessories so you don’t have to choose between making the most of your iPhone 12’s MagSafe capabilities and the extreme protection and functionality we provide at Mous. We currently make a MagSafe compatible card wallet, a MagSafe compatible charger dock, and a MagSafe compatible charger stand. 

We’re always looking to innovate and expand our product offering so that we can enhance our customers’ experiences with their tech in ways which they find really useful. We’re developing our range to bring you more options and more accessories which are MagSafe compatible. Our MagSafe compatible range of accessories is growing quickly.

What does MagSafe® mean for you?

With a clearer understanding of what is MagSafe®, you can make smart choices about the best tech accessories for your needs. The Apple MagSafe ecosystem is expansive and continues to grow. Mous makes sure we can deliver a fantastic range of MagSafe compatible products. 

Our goal is always to enhance the everyday experiences you have with your tech, every day. We do this by creating tech accessories which provide extreme protection and ultimate functionality. Mous’s MagSafe compatible products will allow you to do more with your iPhone 12 and get the most out of your favourite tech.

We are Mous

Mous makes cases which don’t compromise between extreme protection and ultimate aesthetics. Each of our products is designed to enhance and expand the experiences you have with your everyday tech, every day. Our range of phone accessories - from Qi wireless chargers, to phone mounts - provide added functionality to your smartphone. Our newest products are designed to protect your other tech with AirPod Cases and iPad Cases.


*USB-C charger: A charger that uses a USB-C port. It’s the charger for recent MacBooks, the Nintendo Switch, and most recent Androids.

^Qi charging coil: Loops of wire inside your phone which transfer the current from your wireless charger to your battery.

-Copper shield: A sheet of copper which blocks magnetic fields and radiation.

&Magnetic array: Magnets positioned in a particular pattern.

+Polycarbonate: A type of plastic designed to be strong, tough and often transparent.

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