What Is The Difference Between Different Kinds of Screen Protectors?

There are all kinds of screen protectors out there, and knowing which ones are which can be confusing and daunting. At Mous, we offer three different varieties of screen protector and we know that people are sometimes confused by the difference between them. Be baffled no longer. Here’s the lowdown on screen protectors. 

We have three varieties of screen protectors. TPU, tempered glass and hybrid glass. All three of them have slightly different benefits, so let’s talk through each of them. 

TPU Screen Protectors

First up, TPU screen protectors. A TPU screen protector is made out of thermoplastic polyurethane, which is an elastic and transparent type of plastic. This material is primarily useful because it’s so impact absorbing. A TPU screen protector can be dropped face-down a number of times and not need replacing. Glass will shatter, so every time you drop your phone, you’ll need to replace the screen protector, but that’s not a concern with TPU. 

That being said, there are drawbacks. In comparison to glass screen protectors, TPU feels less like a phone screen, and you might be slightly more aware that you have a screen protector on. Although TPU is oil and smudge resistant, you’ll have a clearer screen experience with either glass screen protector. 

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors 

Which leads us nicely into tempered glass screen protectors. Tempered glass is glass which has been reinforced with additional material that ensures that it doesn’t shatter into potentially dangerous shards when you drop it. It will break on impact, but into chunks of blunt glass rather than shards of sharp glass which might injure you or damage your phone. This is our clearest screen protector. Because it’s made of glass, just like your phone screen, you won’t notice that you have a screen protector on. Your viewing experience will be completely unhindered. 

However, as mentioned, this screen protector does break on impact. Because it’s made of glass, it can’t withstand multiple drops. Each time it experiences severe impact, it’ll break and you’ll have to remove and replace it. It’s a great option for the careful, but potentially not such a perfect screen protector for those who are extremely clumsy. 

Hybrid Glass Screen Protectors 

Our final screen protector is made from hybrid glass. We call this material “hybrid” because it’s a combination of both the TPU and glass screen protectors. It’s primarily made from glass which is reinforced with a TPU layer. This means that you get a great deal of the clarity that a glass screen protector offers, plus a degree of endurance. This screen protector can withstand multiple drops before it breaks. In many ways, it’s the best of both worlds. 

Whilst the hybrid glass screen protector will break eventually if you drop it too many times, it won’t break instantly like tempered glass. And while your viewing won’t be as crystal clear as with a tempered glass screen protector, it will be virtually unimpeded thanks to the primary material being glass. 

So Which Screen Protector Should I Buy? 

Honestly, which screen protector you go for depends on your needs. 

Do you drop your phone a lot and not watch much TV on your phone? Go for a TPU screen protector. 

Do you rarely drop your phone and often watch HD videos on your phone? A tempered glass screen protector is probably for you. 

Do you drop your phone often but still need superior screen clarity? Sounds like a hybrid glass screen protector is your best bet. 

No matter which you go for, our signature Mous engineering ensures that your screen protector is extremely well made and the highest possible quality. 

About Mous

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