Limitless 2.0 - Vent Mount
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Limitless 2.0 - Vent Mount

A convenient Car Vent Mount for hands-free functionality Learn More
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  • Seamlessly connect your Limitless 2.0 phone case to your Vent Mount with AutoAlign™
  • Easily and safely access maps, music and more while you're driving
  • Fits tightly and securely into any horizontal car vents

This car vent mount provides a useful solution to your hands-free car needs

Magnetic connectivity
Minimalist design
Safe hands-free usage

Versatile Viewing

AutoAlign™ magnetic design gives you the flexibility to use your phone in either a landscape or portrait orientation

Considered Aesthetic

Designed to be unobtrusive with minimalist sensibilities, this Vent Mount won't stick out when it's not in use

Total Functionality

AutoAlign™ magnets connect seamlessly to the magnets in our Limitless 2.0 cases, allowing you to easily remove your phone from the mount and attach another Limitless 2.0 accessory to your case

Endlessly Useful

Created to expand the functionality of your phone while you're on the move - easily and safely follow your phone's Sat Nav or listen to music while driving. The possibilities are endless

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“Mous is an innovative company”
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“[a] favourite brand of ours which provides high quality, rigorously tested phone cases.”


AutoAlign™ is our innovative mounting system that allows all of our Limitless 2.0 accessories to work seamlessly with our Limitless 2.0 cases. The magnets hold the accessory on securely and in the correct position every time

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