Behind the scenes: our annual iPhone launch day stunt

It’s the biggest day in the Mous calendar – and a very important date for early adopters and tech enthusiasts the world over. Yep, the iPhone 15 launched in-store on Friday 22nd September and team Mous were outside the Apple Store on London’s Brompton Road first thing that morning to collect the new devices and, of course, launch them into the air in our iPhone 15 cases!

Once the new iPhones were secured and tested against the concrete streets of Brompton Road, the team headed to Drift Limits, a motorsports academy and racetrack on the outskirts of North London.

Previously, we’ve dropped iPhones in Mous cases from hot air balloons, while bungee jumping or from a 100 mph zipline. This year, we set ourselves a new challenge: to put our cases to the test using an authentic Jordan EJ12 F1 car, the same F1 car that was once piloted by esteemed F1 driver Takuma Sato and bears the personal signature of the renowned Eddie Jordan.

We love to take things to the extreme at Mous. Not only did we throw an iPhone 15 Pro out of an F1 car hurtling at speed, we also threw one from a drift car making nerve-wracking 60mph turns and we put out our IntraLock® mounting technology to the test with a super-fast off-road bike.

We could go into detail about how these tests performed on the day, but in true Mous style we feel it’s better to show you. Ever wondered what would happen to an iPhone dropped out of an F1 car? Now’s your chance to find out – watch the video above and go behind the scenes of our most ambitious iPhone stunt to date.

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