AirTags Security Updates

On Thursday, it was announced that Apple would be updating the AirTags security features. There’s been a lot of conversation since the devices launched about whether AirTags’ security effectively deterred people from using the devices to track individuals. A software update a few weeks ago addressed concerns over AirTags’ privacy credentials by giving users the option to display either a phone number or email address in Lost Mode. The latest update focuses on user safety. Here’s what we know:

AirTags Android app

One of the issues with AirTags security was that Android users wouldn’t be able to find AirTags near them unless they could see the physical disc. While iPhone users are able to see nearby AirTags with the ‘Find My’ app, Android users would have to rely on their eyes. Apple has now confirmed that an Android app is being developed, so users will be able to download it and see any AirTags traveling with them. The details of how this app will work haven’t been announced yet, but this is looking like a big win for AirTags security.

AirTags privacy alert

When an AirTag is in Lost Mode it is programmed to make a noise after a period of time to alert people nearby to its presence. On initial release, this period of time was set at three days. This has now been reduced to a random time between eight and 24 hours after being separated from its owner. This will massively improve AirTags’ privacy impact since anyone who is being tracked will know about it far sooner. The randomised time is a particularly clever feature because it will make it much harder to plan ahead for when the noise goes off. All in all, this is an incredibly important AirTags security update.

What next for AirTags?

Apple’s latest AirTags security update is hugely valuable and will likely help a lot of people feel safer. Deterring dangerous individuals from using the device for malicious means is likely to boost people’s confidence in AirTags’ safety and security credentials. Ultimately, it’s great to know that your personal security doesn’t need to be compromised for your possessions’ security.

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