How Mous’s Magnetic Phone Cases Will Change Your Android

The compatibility between smartphones and magnetic technology is dominating headlines at the moment after the 2020 launch of Apple’s MagSafe technology. MagSafe is an array of magnets arranged in the back of the iPhone 12 which connects to all sorts of magnetic accessories and optimised high-speed wireless charging. But what’s an Android user to do if they want all the functionality of a magnetic phone without having to purchase an iPhone? AutoAlign+™ and a magnetic phone case might well be the perfect solution for you.

How Does AutoAlign+™ Magnetic Technology Work?

So you’re sold on magnetic phone cases, here’s how it works. Our AutoAlign+™ technology is made up of a series of twenty perfectly positioned magnets. Those magnets are embedded in our Limitless 3.0 cases. which link up with the magnetic design of Limitless 3.0 accessories, like wallets and mounts. Magnets next to your phone might sound like a recipe for disaster, but the way that we’ve designed and arranged them means that the magnetic force only faces outward. The polarity of the magnets has been manipulated to emit a negligible pull in the direction of your phone, instead, all the force heads straight towards the accessories. Essentially, the magnetic force goes one way but not the other. Clever. The best part is that because of the way the technology has been designed, the cases are slim and sleek despite connecting to a whole range of accessories. The magnets sit flush within the backplate of the magnetic phone case, allowing it to remain completely streamlined with the native design of your phone.

What Accessories Can You Get For Your Magnetic Phone Case?

The technology in our magnetic phone cases is solid, but what can you actually do with it? We have designed and created an ecosystem of accessories that accompany our Limitless 3.0 magnetic cases. Each one of our magnetic accessories aims to make your phone as useful as possible. You can pair your phone with card wallets as well as using AutoAlign+™ to attach your device to wall mounts and car vent mounts. The idea here is that every accessory adds something to your phone. We haven’t created products for the sake of it, we’re aiming to solve day-to-day problems with handy add-ons. And because the connection is magnetic, one accessory slides off and the other slides straight on, so you’re not linked to a single add-on for your phone. In theory, you can use the same magnetic phone case to attach to as many different expansions as you’ll find useful!


Can You Wirelessly Charge Through a Magnetic Phone Case?

Our magnetic phone cases, Limitless 3.0, are built to be compatible with The newest addition to the AutoAlign+™ family is our range of Qi-enabled wireless chargers. Because the chargers have been created with the same magnetic design as Limitless 3.0 cases, they can guarantee a perfectly optimised charge every time you use them. The magnets in the charger lock into place with the magnets on your phone case, so the wireless charging receptor in your phone sits directly above the charging coil in the charger itself. If you’ve had problems with wireless chargers in the past, this should theoretically rectify any inefficiencies you’ve experienced - the magnets ensure that your phone is always in the right position to get the fastest charge possible. One of the many benefits of a magnetic phone case. 

We’ve created a selection of Wireless Chargers which allow you to charge your phone when it’s wrapped in a magnetic phone case. As well as a pad which sits unobtrusively on a flat surface, we also have a charging stand, where the magnetic technology keeps your phone suspended at a 66 degree angle for perfect viewing. We’ve also developed wireless car vent and suction mounts so that you can wirelessly charge your phone while driving. The AutoAlign+™ technology means that your magnetic phone case won’t slip or fall off the charging pad, even on rough roads and during bumpy rides.

The Point of Magnetic Phone Cases…

Ultimately, the goal with AutoAlign+™ and Limitless 3.0 magnetic phone cases is to expand what you can do with your phone. All the accessories are built to make your phone more useful, enabling you to connect as many different add-ons as you’d like. If you’re looking to experience the benefits of magnetic technology without having to cave to Apple’s latest models, magnetic phone cases might well be the perfect solution. 

About Mous

Mous was born of the realisation that aesthetic cases weren’t protective and protective cases were ugly, inspiring us to develop a range of phone cases that were both extremely protective and beautifully crafted. From dropping phones off 45ft cranes to throwing iPhones out of helicopters, our journey has been anything but traditional. We want to raise people’s expectations of what a phone case can deliver, creating stylish and practical products that can protect your most valued tools. We’ve managed to make our ideas of aesthetic, but protective phone cases into reality, alongside creating other phone accessories such as iPad cases, Wireless Chargers, AirPods cases, screen protectors, and so much more.

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