How to clean your phone and case

It is incredibly important to clean your phone and case… but, it is something most of us don’t even think about. Smartphones, their screens, and their cases can become far dirtier than we’d ever realise. They collect and harbor germs, and the more germs on your phone, the more germs you end up coming into contact with. In fact, your phone can carry 10x more bacteria than a toilet seat! Therefore, it is vital to clean your phone - and regularly too. That is why we have put together this simple and straightforward guide on how to clean your phone and case. 

What You Will Need To Clean Your Phone

Your phone and its case will be made from a variety of materials and components. It is fundamental that you refrain from using any equipment or tools that could end up doing more harm than good. To get started, you will need:

  • Bowl or jug
  • Warm water
  • Soap or washing up liquid (not bleach!)
  • Soft cloth
  • Cotton buds

Step By Step Cleaning Guide

The Mous Master Guide is here to help you maintain an effective phone hygiene routine. If you clean your phone frequently you will come into less contact with bacteria. Just follow these simple steps to understand how:

  1. First things first. Unplug your phone and turn it off.
  2. If you use a case, remove it and any attached phone wallets. 
  3. Start by mixing some warm water with a splash of soap or washing up liquid to create your cleaning solution. Keep chemicals and household cleaning sprays at bay. 
  4. Grab a small, lint-free cloth, such as one you would find in a glasses case. It would be wise to avoid paper towels or abrasive cloths as this could scratch/damage your phone. 
  5. Make a corner with your cloth and dip it into the soapy solution to dampen.
  6. Clean the front screen and back surface of your phone, avoiding getting any moisture in the charging port.  
  7. Next, move onto your protective phone case. Gently clean the surface of your case, inside and out, with the soft cloth and cleaning solution (take extra care with a leather case, use as little solution as possible!).
  8. To tackle the hard to reach places within your case, dip a cotton bud into your solution to remove grime from its corners, gaps for buttons and charging port. 
  9. Lastly, use a fresh, dry cloth to give your phone and case the once over.

How Not To Clean Your Phone

Just in case you do not have any of the required equipment or would contemplate using other similar items you can get your hands on, think again. 

  • Do not use household or window cleaners, cleaners that include hydrogen peroxide, aerosol sprays, solvents, abrasives, or bleach. 
  • Avoid getting any moisture in any of the phone's openings or ports.
  • Ensure you do not submerge your smartphone in any liquids or cleaning solutions.
  • Do not use compressed air to clean out any ports. 
  • Be careful with fingerprint technology as aggressive cleaning could damage its coating. 


About Mous

The Mous story began with dropping phones from 45ft cranes and out of helicopters. What we discovered was that slim cases were not really that effective at protecting your phone and those deemed protective phone cases were chunky and a bit of an eyesore. So we made it our mission to create phone cases that were both extremely protective yet beautifully crafted. Relentless testing on leading phones and thousands of prototypes later, a crowd-funding campaign turned our dream into reality - Mous was born. Today, our collection features all the modern-day phone cases and accessories you will need such as AirPods cases, charging cables, phone mounts, and so much more.



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