Introducing... Mous Collabs

Image of Kelly Anna holding a Mous Collabs case

When we started Mous, we had a simple goal in mind: create phone cases that strike the perfect balance between performance, functionality and style. Our innovative designs quickly made us a go-to name for extreme protection, enhanced magnetic functionality and refined style, but our customers wanted more colour, vibrance and diversity – and we wanted to collaborate with like-minded people to make it happen. 

That's why we're excited to introduce Mous Collabs, a unique collection of cases that champions individuality and celebrates the art of self-expression. We've collaborated with some exciting artists and our talented in-house team to bring you unique case designs that won’t compromise performance or functionality. This isn't just another collection of cases; this is us striving to make the best cases for everyone. 


Listen. Innovate. Collaborate 

We knew we wanted to work with Kelly Anna the moment we saw her bold and empowering designs. A London-based artist who’s graced the pages of Vogue and worked with brands such as Nike and Adidas, Kelly Anna’s background in ballet and gymnastics has directly inspired and influenced her art: think strong, confident female figures that embody empowerment and self-confidence. 

Impressed by our efforts to empower and facilitate active lifestyles, Kelly Anna was excited to collaborate with us to bring her artistic vision to our phone cases. The result is two exclusive case designs you won’t find anywhere else that promise to make a statement as strong and energetic as the art itself. 


Image of Henry Fraser with his artwork and a Mous Collabs case


A canvas for self-expression  

At Mous, we champion the idea of living without limits. That's why we partnered with Henry Fraser – an acclaimed artist, author and motivational speaker – to create a collection of phone case designs. Despite being paralysed from the shoulders down after an accident, Henry found his passion for painting, creating all his artwork using only his mouth. 

His message of resilience and determination resonated with us, and we knew his expressive brushstrokes and colour palette would translate beautifully onto our cases. The result is a range of designs that feature two of Henry’s existing paintings, The Jaguar and K2 (the second-highest mountain on earth), and a brand-new artwork made exclusively for Mous Collabs – a spiky aloe vera plant. These cases are a reminder of Henry's message and our shared commitment to living without limits. 

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