Introducing Our Cellulose Acetate Phone Case

When choosing a phone case, it’s always important to find something protective but you might also be looking for a beautiful phone case. Whatever beauty means to you, your case is an opportunity to showcase it on a piece of equipment that you use every day. That’s why, at Mous, we’re always looking for opportunities to create beautiful cases in high-quality materials that don’t compromise on protection. 

So, we’ve introduced our newest Limitless 4.0 style: silver pearl.

What is a silver pearl case?

This shiny phone case is finished with a lustrous silver pearl acetate backplate. The pebbled effect is striking, as the light glimmering across its pearlescent surface creates an otherworldly aesthetic. The material is patterned through an organic design process of melting and pressing, ensuring no two cases look the same. Each case is uniquely your own.

What is acetate?

We make this silver phone case from cellulose acetate. Cellulose acetate’s a synthetic fibre made from cotton and wood pulp. The organic materials undergo a chemical reaction to become a highly malleable, biodegradable plastic. Cellulose acetate is used for clothing, glasses frames, toothbrushes and film. This organic material is a phenomenal alternative to polymer plastic which is why we chose it for our silver pearl acetate phone case.

How is the backplate of an acetate phone case made?

The process of creating our acetate phone case backplate is pretty complex. The raw acetate material is pressed into hard sheets at high pressure. These sheets are then cut and crushed into small fragments and mixed with different coloured dyes. This is the point that determines the silver colour and pebbled pattern on the silver phone case. 

These coloured fragments are then moulded together again at a high temperature to form a big block of patterned acetate material. After this it’s cut down, sanded and polished multiple times to create the pearlescent lustre which finishes this shiny phone case. Finally, it’s cut and placed in the frame of the case. 

The particular patterning on each case is unique because of the organic process of acetate fragments being mixed, pressed and then cut. This means that while each beautiful phone case has the same pebbled pearlescent pattern, each case is uniquely your own. 

Introducing Limitless 4.0 in silver pearl

Limitless 4.0 is a case that merges absolute maximum protection and full compatibility with all MagSafe compatible accessories and chargers and it doesn’t compromise on style. So far, we’ve made Limitless 4.0 in aramid fibre, black leather, speckled fabric, walnut and bamboo. Now we’re bringing you silver pearl: a silver phone case with a finish reminiscent of pearl, made from cellulose acetate.

Lined with AiroShockTM for maximum protection, fitted with 36 neodymium magnets for complete MagSafe compatibility, and finished with silver pearl for an otherworldly aesthetic, this iteration of Limitless 4.0 is ideal if you’re a serious tech enthusiast who takes their style seriously too.

Elevate your aesthetic. Buy your silver pearl acetate phone case here

We are Mous

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