Mous: Our iPhone Journey

It’s that time of year. We’re excitedly waiting for the 2021 iPhone: cases are on our mind, both old and new. So we thought it would be a great time to look back at our journey making iPhone cases over the past few years, how we’ve celebrated launch day, and some of the crazy stunts we’ve done to support it.

Mous launches Limitless

Mous launched when we saw other brands on the market weren’t making the types of tech accessories we wanted. They were making products that didn’t offer a versatile or ambitious range of experiences, but we saw a way to be better. It was this ambition which led us to create the first iteration of our flagship product, Limitless. A phone case which could offer extreme protection, expansive functionality and looked good was incredibly innovative, so we realised we needed an innovative way to fund it and to create remarkable content around it. We broke records by raising $2.5 million in pre-orders with our IndieGogo campaign and won some awards because of it: it was a huge success. 

iPhone X x Limitless 2.0

But tech doesn’t stop advancing, so neither did we. With the launch of iPhone X, Apple started making phones capable of wireless charging. So we designed a case to facilitate that, all while providing access to an ecosystem of magnetic modular add-ons: Limitless 2.0 and AutoAlign™ technology. Here at Mous, we were eager to get our hands on the new piece of kit, so when launch day rolled round we weren't going to be back of the queue. We snuck in with the press so we could test out our new cases - and let the public give it a crack too.  

Show, not tell

We believe in show, not tell. So we put our heads together and came up with big plans to show just how protective Limitless 2.0 is. We dropped it, and a brand new iPhone X inside it, out of a helicopter. Not a scratch.

The front of the queue 

We go to every iPhone launch because every launch we’re itching to get our hands on the new tech. Sometimes to be at the forefront of innovation you need to be at the front of the queue. So when iPhone XS launched we were at the front of the very first queue, in Australia. We realised that the sooner we had our hands on the phone, the sooner we knew our case would fit and the sooner our customers would get their orders. We couldn’t wait.

Thinking clearly 

We were on a roll with our Limitless 2.0 cases and we decided it was the perfect moment to take on some new challenges. Clear cases let people show off the amazing colours iPhones were starting to come in but all the clear cases we’d come across weren’t very protective and turned yellow too quickly. So we made our own, Clarity. We knew that if we could make extremely protective, anti-yellowing clear cases, there was so much we could do to enhance peoples’ experiences with their tech, and endless types of accessories we could create. Now it’s 2021, iPhone clear cases are some of our best loved products because they allow people to show off their phone’s amazing native aesthetic.

Limitless 3.0 lands

Then came iPhone 11 and Limitless 3.0. Mous’s focus on high quality is relentless which means even when we have a great product we’re always thinking about how to make it better. Our in-house engineers looked at the magnetic array in AutoAlignTM . We made it more sophisticated and more complex, and able to hold bigger phones with more magnets and more accessories. We launched Limitless 3.0 and AutoAlign+™ with the launch of iPhone 11. We went to the reopening of the iconic 5th Avenue New York Apple store and met the legend Tim Cook. We also took the opportunity to get members of the public drop test some brand new phones in our brand new cases.

An unusual launch 

When the new iPhone launches, Mous are the first ones in line outside the Apple store. 2020 was different. Rather than camping outside the Apple Store overnight, we were given a strict time-slot to collect our order on launch-day, and we patiently waited our turn in a socially-distanced queue. But this didn’t dampen our excitement. Our whole year builds up to the moment that we finally have the phones in-hand and we can start throwing them off of stuff. We know the best way to prove how protective our cases are is to show, not tell. So just like any other year, we got our new iPhone 12s, put them in our cases, and took to the streets to start chucking them around.

Up in the air

In a year defined by lockdowns and restrictions, showing was pretty difficult, but if we settled for telling we wouldn’t be Mous. We found a way to film a dramatic drop test as soon as we could. In rolled 2021, iPhone protective case sales were soaring. Everything else was up in the air, so we thought we should be too. 

Mous’s universe is expanding

We’ve come pretty far since we launched the first Limitless and we keep going. The Mous universe is expanding. With more cases for more devices, more magnets, more wireless chargers, it’s growing exponentially. And all this product innovation means more incredible content. Take a look at some of our latest, and with 2021 iPhone, cases, stunts and all, just around the corner, certainly not our last…

About Mous

Mous was born when we saw an uninspiring marketplace and we were inspired to do better. We started making beautiful phone cases which could genuinely protect your phone. A few years and a few crane drops later, we’re making a wide range of tech accessories designed to elevate your tech and enable your lifestyle. Some of our products include magnetically optimised mounts, protective clear phone cases and durable cables and straps.

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