The Apple Watch Accessories You Need to Get You Started

The Apple Watch Accessories You Need to Get You Started typography

Apple Watches are starting to become ubiquitous amongst tech-lovers and technophobes alike, so it’s more important than ever to get the right Apple Watch accessories to stand out from the crowd. Of course, an Apple Watch strap is an important place to start. Then you might want to consider what Apple Watch wrist strap suits your aesthetic best and which Apple Watch screen protector will protect your new device. These are the Apple Watch accessories you need to get you started.

Your Apple Watch

Before you begin to think about Apple Watch bands or Apple Watch screen protectors, you need to choose your Apple Watch. There are now seven generations available, and SE models, in two different sizes. The model you choose will impact which Apple Watch accessories are available to you. Mous make Apple Watch straps which are compatible with all Apple Watches in the 40 and 44mm sizes. Not every Apple Watch wrist strap will be compatible with your chosen model, so make sure you know what you’ve got before you buy your Apple Watch accessories.

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An Apple Watch strap

It’s essential to have an Apple Watch wrist strap - otherwise your device would fall off your wrist. While your new device will come with a band, you might want to find an Apple Watch band which expresses your personality or better suits your lifestyle.

The Mous Apple Watch strap is made of sleek PU, much like our MacBook sleeves. Enjoy a versatile style for your Apple Watch strap that will take you from a 9am meeting to your evening exercise. You won’t need to change your Apple Watch band. It’s also built for optimal comfort. This Apple Watch strap has TPU ridging to create pockets of airflow and reduce sweating, and internal padding for extra comfort. We recommend choosing an Apple Watch wrist strap which is designed to fit into your lifestyle all day everyday.

An Apple Watch screen protector

Apple Watches might have become ubiquitous, but that doesn’t mean they’re cheap. Essential Apple Watch accessories include Apple Watch bands to keep it secured to your wrist and also Apple Watch screen protectors to stop it from getting damaged. 

With this little device on your wrist all day, it’s at risk of being knocked or scratched as you go about daily activities. That’s why we recommend a high-quality Apple Watch screen protector. Replacing an Apple Watch screen is a costly hassle. Our Apple Watch screen protectors, like some of our other screen protector ranges, are made from hybrid glass. You get the shatterproof protection of TPU and the screen clarity and glossy texture of glass. We think an Apple Watch screen protector is one of the essential Apple Watch accessories because you can have peace of mind knowing that your device is protected.

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The essential Apple Watch accessories

The most essential Apple Watch accessories which are absolutely essential are your device itself, its charger, an Apple Watch strap and an Apple Watch screen protector. Once you have them all picked out, you’re ready to go. Having the best possible tech accessories can facilitate your lifestyle, enhance the everyday and elevate the extreme. That’s why our Apple Watch band has been thoughtfully designed to be optimally comfortable and look understatedly stylish in any situation. And we have an Apple Watch screen protector with quality to match.

You can shop all our Apple Watch accessories here.

We are Mous

We believe in the transformative power of tech. Having seen first-hand the impact technology has had on our lives, we want to make tech accessories to facilitate lifestyles, no matter how extreme. That’s why Mous make relentlessly high-quality tech accessories which we’ve tested in the most extreme circumstances we can think of, from throwing phone cases off a zipline to dropping an iPad case onto a bed of nails. You can also see our AirTag cases here.

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