Three Reasons to Try a Wooden Phone Case

Does an ultra-functional wooden phone case sound like a contradiction? Think that you can’t have a phone case which is both crafted from wood and offers ultimate protection? Think again. Here are three reasons that you have to try a wooden phone case 

Wooden Phone Cases Can Be Extremely Protective

When you think of highly protective phone cases, you might think of aramid fibre cases or the intensely durable designs of leather cases. By comparison, wood might seem unreliable, but wood can be used in the construction of some of the most protective cases on the market. The main factor which determines the protectivity of the materials in a phone is stiffness. In order to stop your phone from torsion (which is a fancy engineering term for “twisting”) when it drops, the materials your case is made from need to be extremely rigid. This rigidity keeps your phone from moving when it hits the ground, and that prevents any destructive damage to your device. It’s perfectly possible for wooden phone cases to be very stiff and very rigid. 

At Mous, we’ve constructed all of our most protective phone cases with stiffness in mind, and our Limitless range of wooden phone cases is no exception. Our bamboo phone cases and walnut phone cases, both part of our Limitless 2.0 and Limitless 3.0 series, offer maximum protection without compromising on a unique and individual aesthetic. As well as ensuring that the wooden backplate itself is very protective, we’ve used materials inside the case like polycarbonate (used to create spaceships) for additional stiffness. All of our Limitless cases are also lined with our bespoke high-impact material, AiroFoamTM, which absorbs the energy from drops and shocks. 

Wooden Phone Cases Still Allow Maximum Functionality 

When purchasing a wooden phone case, there’s no need to compromise on your phone’s native usefulness. Because wood is such a versatile material, it’s perfectly possible for it to be thin enough to allow for Qi-certified wireless charging, or to allow MagSafe magnetic connectivity to occur through the case. And because of the aforementioned rigidity, it can be ultra-thin and still be ultra-protective. Wooden phone cases don’t ask you to sacrifice any of your phone’s functionality.

Wooden phone cases can also be impossibly useful in and of themselves. Our Limitless 3.0 wooden phone cases are made with state-of-the-art AutoAlign+TM technology. AutoAlign+TM is our innovative, in-house tech, comprised of 20 perfectly positioned magnets which magnetically connect your wooden phone case to a range of ultra-useful accessories. As well as compatible card wallets and phone mounts, we have a range of AutoAlign+TM wireless chargers. The magnetic design of AutoAlign+TM magnetically connects your phone with the charger, ensuring you get a high-speed charge every time. And all of this in a wooden phone case. 

If you’re an iPhone 12 user, you may be looking for a wooden phone case which is compatible with Apple’s MagSafe magnetic system. That’s where Limitless 4.0 comes in. Limitless 4.0 is available in two wooden designs - bamboo and walnut - both of which offer unrivaled connection to all aspects of the MagSafe world. We’ve created a magnetic design in the back of our Limitless 4.0 wooden phone cases which links up perfectly with the magnetic design in the back of your iPhone 12. Clever.

Wooden Phone Cases Look Good 

The most important reason that you should try a wooden phone case is because they look incredible. Wooden designs give your phone a completely unique aesthetic which is certain to stand out in a sea of plastic-backed cases. All of our wooden cases are made with responsibly-sourced, completely unique real wood. No two cases are the same: each one is entirely unique, made from a totally individual grain of wood. A wooden phone case is the best way to guarantee a case which matches your personal style. 

Our bamboo wooden phone cases favour a lighter, brighter design, whereas our walnut wooden phone cases are darker and richer in look and feel. And none of them sacrifice protection or functionality in the name of style. It’s the Mous way. 

Check out our full range of wooden phone cases here. 

This is Mous

Mous was born when we found that phone cases were either protective and bulky, or slim, aesthetic and not protective at all. Our mission was to find a balance between the two, creating beautifully crafted cases that guarded your phone against damage caused by impacts. Now we create cases which are extremely protective, highly aesthetic and limitlessly useful. We’ve extended our approach to ultimate protection, style and functionality with AirPod cases, iPad Cases, Wireless Chargers and other amazing products.

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