Our Top Tech New Year’s Resolutions

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2022 is here and it’s going to be a big one. At Mous, we have lots to look forward to with some huge product launches in the pipeline. It’s time for all things new in 2022 and some new year’s resolutions are a great place to start. 

It can be tempting to pick the obvious new year’s resolutions like spending less time on your devices. But tech is just becoming more and more integrated into every aspect of our lifestyles. Instead of trying to buck this transformative trend, our top tech new year’s resolutions are about making our tech enhance our lives in 2022.

1. Get outside

Spending more time outdoors is great for your physical and mental health. Whether what’s on your doorstep is a bustling city street or a leafy forest, there’s something to explore. You might be wondering how this is a tech new year’s resolution, but your tech can come in handy in so many ways. 

Trying a new route will likely require a map on your phone and a long walk listening to your favourite tunes is a great way to spend your afternoon. An AirPods case will ensure your earbuds are safe in between walks and an AirTag keychain case might also come in handy if you bring a furry friend who likes to run off.

Shiba inu dog wearing a Mous AirTag case on an orange harness

2. Do more exercise

This one’s always on our list of new year’s resolutions because it’s so easy to find excuses to avoid it. We all know why we should exercise more, and new tech is making it even easier. That’s why it’s on our list of tech new year’s resolutions. 

Your Apple Watch can count your steps, monitor heart rate and provide that little extra incentive to hit the gym. Our Apple Watch strap will keep you comfortable and dry while you get your sweat on.

Man wearing a Mous Apple Watch strap doing exercise outside close up

3. Try something new

The new thing you try for this new year’s resolution might be investing in our crowdfunding campaign, learning to cook or travelling somewhere new. Your tech can be the perfect tool for helping you achieve your goals. Our new year’s tech resolution is to make the most of the resources in our pockets. 

While you’re perfecting your complicated patisserie, mounting your phone away from your floury worktops might make following the instructions a little bit simpler. A wireless charging mount in the car will ensure you won’t get lost on roads you’ve never travelled. Your tech lets you explore that bit more easily.

Person mounting a Mous iPhone case to the wall in a kitchen

4. Protect your tech

Let’s be honest. We can all be a little clumsy sometimes. Dropping something soft isn’t the end of the world, but when we drop a device it can be a very expensive mistake. That’s why our final top tech new year’s resolution is to keep our tech protected. 

Our most protective phone cases are lined with the impact-absorbing material AiroShockTM, and we have lots of screen protectors in case you drop your phone face down. If you have a MacBook or iPad try our iPad cases and MacBook sleeves lined with AiroFoamTM. Looking after your devices is the most important tech new year’s resolution you can make.

Flat lay of Mous tech accessories with MagSafe compatible cases, clear cases, a MacBook sleeve and AirPods cases

All things new in 2022

Our tech new year’s resolutions are in place and we’re ready for lots of new things this coming year. You can set all the new year’s resolutions you want but it’s the hard work which will achieve them. That’s why we’re ready to get going on all our new projects.

Here’s to 2022!

This is Mous

At Mous, we believe in the transformative power of technology to enhance lifestyles, however extreme. Each product we make is engineered for relentlessly high-quality performance, serious style and limitless functionality. We believe it’s the combination of all three which allow our products to elevate the everyday and the extreme. It’s the ethos we apply to every product from our MagSafe compatible cases to magnetic add-ons and even our wrist straps.

Live without limits.

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