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Header Behind the Scenes with Mous Our iPhone 13 Stunt

When the iPhone 13 launched, we knew we needed to respond quickly. We’re known for our ultra-protective cases, but it’s always been important to us to show you exactly what protection looks like. We got to work on a seriously extreme stunt that would be even more impressive than anything we’ve done before. 

For previous iPhone launches, we’ve dropped iPhones in Mous cases from helicopters, hot air balloons and from space, so this year we decided to drop an iPhone 13 Pro off the fastest zipline in the world. What could go wrong? 

Preparing for launch 

23-09-21. 1900 hours. The day before launch, the Mous team was in North Wales. We scoped out the zipline and found our landing strip, we made a plan of action and we were nearly ready. The team talked through the plan for launch day, hour by hour and shot by shot, and everything that could go wrong. Our landing strip was a 12ft, craggy strip with a sheer drop down one side. If we missed, it wasn’t the height we were worried about, but the big blue lake at the bottom. If the iPhone fell into it, we weren’t getting it back. 

Now all that was left to do was get an iPhone 13 from the Apple store on launch day and do the drop itself. So we split up and half the team set off for Liverpool. Every year we try to be at the front of the queue to get our hands on the new iPhone, whether it’s in London, New York, or the very first queue in Australia. The Liverpool team knew there was an early start ahead. We were ready.

People on Velocity 2 zipline at Zip World

Case on for lift-off 

24-09-21. 0800 hours.iPhone 13 was arriving. The Mous team was up at the crack of dawn to beat the queues, buy the phone and set up for a seriously extreme stunt. From Apple’s Keynote event, we knew the new iPhone would be a really impressive device, but after the planning, the queueing and, at last, the unboxing, we were still blown away when we had it in hand. The clean lines, Super Retina XDR display and the incredible power of all three cameras blew us away.

Now it was time for our first test of the day. We needed to know Mous’s iPhone 13 cases would fit. As we carefully snapped them on we realised, much to our relief, that they fit perfectly and we were confident these cases would be just as protective as the ones we’ve made before. 

Since we already had the case on for lift-off, we couldn’t resist a few throws outside the store. As the brand-new iPhone clattered on the pavement, everyone’s hearts beat a little faster. Taking the case off, there wasn’t a scratch. Now matter how many drop-tests we do, it’s still thrilling to see the phones unscathed. Now it was time for the big one.

James Griffith Mous on zipline filming himself on iPhone 13 Pro

Launch systems go

24-09-21. 1300 hours. Meanwhile in Wales, the team was getting excited. The wind speeds were picking up which was only going to make aiming the phone at the 12ft landing strip while moving at 100mph even more difficult. We would only have a few goes to land the phone and if it fell into the lake off the sheer drop, which was looking more and more likely in the heavy wind, we would have a serious problem on our hands. The production team set up their cameras and waited for the Liverpool group and the iPhone 13 to arrive.

Once they did, James Griffith, our CEO and co-founder, got himself strapped into his harness at the top of the zipline and held on tight to the iPhone 13 Pro in Limitless 4.0. A few bounces on a pavement were child’s play compared to what we were about to do - we had no idea how this throw would go. Everyone held their breath as James launched off the platform and started gaining speed. Moments later, he sent the iPhone hurtling. 

James holding iPhone 13 Pros in Mous iPhone 13 cases

The ground team bolted to the landing strip as James reached the zipline landing zone. Would the brand-new iPhone 13 Pro be there? Would it be intact? It was time for the moment of truth.

Our iPhone 13 Pro had landed perfectly on the landing strip and was completely fine!

The final product

As our cases become more sophisticated, our drop-tests get more extreme. The iPhone 13 Pro was able to survive a 100mph drop off the fastest zipline in the world because we’ve engineered Limitless 4.0 to be ultra-protective. It’s lined with AiroShockTM, our high-impact material. It’s constructed to be extremely rigid, has a lip at the top and bottom to protect the screen and a protective camera bump on the back. We make these cases to protect your tech and we make this content so we can show you how well they work. Because you should never have to take our word for it.

James holds Mous iPhone 13 cases with phones while being photographed

Our big launch day stunt is the final and most dramatic drop-test that we put our cases through and the work doesn’t stop when the phone hits the ground. A successful launch day requires a real team effort, from our brilliant team of product designers and engineers who create the cases, to the talented videographers who film the stunts, to the people who make sure both the cases and content get out to you on time. It’s the combination of the whole team working together which produces a successful launch day stunt.

Now you’ve seen just how protective our iPhone 13 cases are, you can order yours here.

We are Mous

In 2014, a group of twenty-somethings founded Mous. They were inspired by an uninspiring marketplace filled with phone cases and other products which couldn’t offer the versatile range of experiences we wanted. So we were inspired to make our own. After years of product testing and extreme stunts, we now make a wide range of tech accessories, including MacBook sleeves, Apple Watch straps, and a whole MagSafe® compatible range.

Live without limits.

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