Four Reasons You Need an AirTags Case

Apple AirTags are a very clever piece of kit designed to track your belongings through the ‘Find My’ app. They’re useful, they’re easy to use, but they need some help attaching to things. That’s just one reason you need an AirTags case. Here are our other four.

Attaching your AirTags

How many times have you been late out the front door because you can’t remember where you put your keys? This is exactly the sort of scenario AirTags are designed to prevent. If you attach your AirTag to your keys, its U1 chip will give you the kind of ultra-precise location you need to know your keys are on that cluttered desk. Securing your AirTags to your keys isn’t something that AirTags are natively designed to do, so you need an AirTags keychain. A case with a keyring attachment will give you the flexibility to track any type of item without secure pockets, be it keys, a bucket bag or even a bucket. An AirTags case is an essential accessory.

Protecting your AirTags

Apple AirTags are made from plastic and stainless steel, so while they should be pretty durable you always run the risk of little scratches on the Apple logo or on the adorable smiley emoji you spent weeks picking out for the engraving. Any AirTags case will keep your device looking shiny and fresh by protecting it from dust and scratches.

Keeping your AirTags discreet

If your possessions are stolen, you can use your AirTags to track them and get them back. This doesn’t work quite so well if the thief sees your AirTag and just takes it off. You’ll still be able to find your AirTag, but probably not your wallet. An AirTags holder will help you make your device a little more discreet. A black leather AirTags case on a black leather wallet won’t be as obvious as a shiny white disc so you can get a headstart on your wallet thief.  

Matching your AirTags to your aesthetic

Being able to personalise an engraving on your AirTags is a great, fun feature to make your tech feel like your own. But being able to take it that step further and find an AirTags case that really matches your personal aesthetic is even better. You could get an AirTags case the same colour as your favourite bag, or contrast it with your AirPods case so they both pop. An AirTags case is a great opportunity to show off your style and prove that your aesthetic sense is on a par with your tech savvy. 

Do you need an AirTags case?

An AirTags case is an essential accessory for your tiny tech device. It will protect it, keep it discreet, expand its functionality and, of course, look great. Now that you know you need one, you can be the first to know when the Mous AirTag Keychain goes live. Sign up here.

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