How to Choose a Protective iPad Case

iPads are some of the most useful tech on the market. Apple’s tablet solution promises total versatility plus the memory and processing speed of most intermediate laptops. In 2021, the iPad is a viable alternative to a laptop, so it makes sense that you’d have a vested interest in keeping it as safe as possible. Not to mention that such sophisticated tech comes with quite the sophisticated price tag. 

An iPad case might seem like the obvious solution for protecting your iPad, but you’ve got to make sure you choose the right iPad case. Some iPad cases aren’t heavy-duty enough to properly shield your iPad from damage if you were to drop it. Here’s what you should look out for when choosing your protective iPad case:

Rigid materials 

The best protective iPad cases are made with extremely rigid backplates, using strong and stiff materials. This prevents your iPad from twisting upon impact if you drop it. Torsion* is the most common cause of damage to iPads. It leads to cracked and smashed screens which can be hugely expensive to repair. Your iPad case should be made with the stiffest materials possible for ultimate protection. 

At Mous, our iPad cases are made with a fibreglass⁺ backplate. Fibreglass is extremely stiff - it’s used to make helicopter propellers. Our iPad cases can promise the best in protection because the construction prioritises rigid materials. Because of how rigid fibreglass is, this also means that our iPad cases can be very light as we don’t need to use much of it. 


Impact absorbing materials 

All good iPad cases should be developed with a high-impact material. The best shockproof materials will absorb the energy from drops and shocks before it can reach your iPad. This means that your iPad case will take the potentially damaging energy away from your device.

We use an extremely innovative impact-absorbing material called AiroFoamTM in our iPad cases. We developed AiroFoamTM ourselves specifically to protect even larger tech devices from drop damage. AiroFoamTM is a non-newtonian fluid which is made of intelligent molecules that gather when they experience an impact. This turns AiroFoam from a soft, malleable foam into a hard, protective shell which guards against shock. The molecules rush towards one another, forming strong hydrogen bonds and protecting your iPad. All our iPad cases are lined with AiroFoamTM technology. 


360 degree protection 

If your iPad case is going to really do the job, it needs to protect every part of your iPad. We recommend finding an iPad case with a really protective folio. The folio is the flap of your iPad case which closes across the screen. This helps protect your screen if you drop your iPad face down. An iPad case with a well-made folio will guard against cracks and scratches. 

With the folio closed, the Mous iPad Case offers complete protection for every part of your iPad, including the screen. The folio is lined with microfibre and is supremely defensive against cracks, smashes or other costly damage. Our cover also features raised edges which offer greater protection for your screen against cracks and scratches when the folio is open. Because only the edges are raised, you don’t have to worry about your iPad case encroaching on the viewing surface of your device. 

A very effective iPad screen protector 

An iPad case alone isn’t going to do the job of ensuring that no damage comes to your device. For the most protection imaginable, you’re going to need an iPad screen protector. Much like a phone screen protector, an iPad screen protector is a microscopically thin sheet of either reinforced glass or plastic. An iPad screen protector will guard against scratches, cracks, dents and screen shatters. 

Our Mous iPad screen protectors are made from tempered glass^. This makes our iPad screen protectors extremely protective whilst also being ultra-smooth with a glossy feel and seamless fit. We’ve built our iPad screen protectors from 9H hardness⁻ tempered glass for the most reliable drop and scratch resistance possible while still being completely compatible with the Apple pencil. 

Protecting your iPad 

Protecting your iPad is no easy job, but with an iPad case and an iPad screen protector, you’ll have no issues keeping your device safe from all kinds of damage. Use our handy hints when you’re next picking out a case for your Apple tablet, or shop for our iPad cases and iPad screen protectors here. 



*Torsion: this is what engineers call twisting

⁺Fibreglass: plastic reinforced with glass fibre to make it really strong

^Tempered glass: Glass which has been toughened by heat or chemicals to make it stronger and shatter-resistant

⁻9H: Screen protector strength is measured by what hardness of pencil it’s able to withstand scratches from - 9H is the hardest pencil, so our screen protectors are made of the strongest possible glass


This is Mous 

Mous bridges the gap between protective, bulky cases and aesthetic, slimline cases. We don’t think you should have to compromise on style to protect your most used gadgets. All our products are designed to enhance and expand the experiences you have with your everyday tech, every day. We have a range of phone accessories, from Qi wireless chargers, to phone mounts, adding additional functionality to your smartphone, alongside protection for your other tech with AirPod Cases and iPad Cases

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