IntraLock™: Secure Phone Mounts for Every Adventure

Typography IntraLock<sup>TM</sup>: Secure Phone Mounts for Every Adventure

IntraLockTM is our mechanical mounting technology which connects our brand new phone case, Evolution, to a range of secure phone mounts. This clever tech is extremely secure, simple to use and connects your phone to multiple ecosystems for a kaleidoscope of experiences. Read on to discover these secure phone mounts, how the tech works and why it’s ready to go on every adventure you want to take.

Here’s how IntraLockTM enables secure phone mounts

IntraLockTM was self-developed here at Mous. It’s a very complex technology which allows us to make secure phone mounts and complementary cases which are seriously simple to use. In a nutshell, here’s how IntraLockTM works.

Magnets gently guide your phone, in its Evolution case, into exactly the right position against the secure phone mount. The pressure from your phone pushes the hinged teeth on the accessory so they rotate backwards. When they’re past the surface of the locking phone accessory, there’s no more pressure on the teeth. Now, the springs push them forward into the cut-outs in your Evolution case. The shape of the teeth and snug fit in the cut-outs keep your device extremely secure: phone mounts with IntraLockTM tech can be used on even your most extreme adventures.

Mous IntraLock hard locking phone case on a secure phone bike mount with a phone tripod in the background

Lock in bike mounts to unlock your next adventure

Use our IntraLockTM bike mount to secure phones: mount your device on your handlebars quickly and easily to follow maps, track stats and ensure your phone is ready to go wherever you are. This bike mount secures to almost any handlebar size snugly thanks to the spacers we’ve included in the box, and because of the security of the IntraLockTM mechanism itself, you can be confident that your phone will stay firmly mounted on your bike, whatever you’re doing.

Fly down muddy mountain trails or weave through 8am city gridlock - this is a secure phone mount for any cycling adventure.

Man on a bike with Mous IntraLock secure phone bike mount and Evolution phone case for iPhone 13 Pro

Lock in phone cases to unlock a world of extreme content

We want to enable you to create the most extreme content you can imagine on your smartphone which is why we’ve developed the IntraLockTM universal accessory adaptor. This clever tech allows you to secure phone, mount and adaptor together. The two pronged universal accessory adaptor locks in to the Evolution phone case and attaches via an M5 screw to all your favourite tripods, action poles and more. IntraLockTM can turn your action cam accessories into extremely secure phone mounts.

Start making the most of your phone’s incredible camera, whether you’re shooting remote landscapes or vlogging at home.

Mous IntraLock phone case mounted on a JOBY GorillaPod® 500 Action on a metal pole

What will you become?

IntraLockTM, Evolution and our range of secure phone mounts and accessories are designed to empower your growth and enable even your most extreme adventures. These locking phone accessories allow your phone to do more so that you can become more.

Wherever your next adventure takes you, the IntraLockTM ecosystem is ready.

We are Mous

Mous was founded on a belief - we believed you can and should expect more from the tech you use every day. We began making products which enabled you to do more with your devices, from highly protective MacBook sleeves to phone cases with ecosystems of modular magnetic add-ons. Our products elevate the everyday and enable the extreme.

Mous. Live without limits.

IntraLock secure phone mounts: bike mount, content creation mount and Evolution hard locking phone case for iPhone 13


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