From iPhone 13 to 2022 iPhone: 14 Cases to Protect All Your Apple Devices

From iPhone 13 to New iPhone: Enhancing Your Apple Devices

We can’t wait for Apple’s announcement of their new iPhone - 14 cases have been expertly engineered by Mous to protect your favourite Apple devices. So far we’ve designed 10 phone cases, including Limitless and clear cases, plus MacBook, iPad, AirPod and AirTag cases. 

We’re looking forward to designing our next case and with the future fast approaching, there’s no better time than now to look back at all our successes with the iPhone 13.

The rumours from the past

Before every iPhone launch, the internet is filled with rumours and it was no different in the weeks before the iPhone 13 arrived. First came the rumoured names - 12s, 13, skip the unlucky number and go straight to iPhone 14 - cases of it being referred to as all three were floating around the web. 

Then came speculations of a bigger and better camera, a new flagship colour and a faster bionic chip. We’d had the A13 chip in a previous iPhone, in the MagSafe®  iPhone, 14, cases of an A15 chip were therefore being reported for the upcoming iPhone. With lots to be heard and little to be known, it was hard not to be caught up in the anticipation of it all.

iPhone 13 lifestyle shoot 5 variants line-up

The event of the season

On September 14th, Apple’s California Streaming event pulled back the curtains to unveil their latest iPhone; an incredibly powerful device with a lightning-fast A15 bionic chip, bigger battery and dual cameras for wide and ultra-wide angles. Despite the many rumours, Apple didn’t skip straight to iPhone 14 - cases by Mous would finally be underway for an iPhone 13!

The Mous showcase

Launch day for the iPhone 13 brought with it queues outside of Apple stores and, right on time, our bespoke range of products for the iPhone: 14 cases and compatible accessories at least! Our flagship case was Limitless 4.0. It’s lined with AiroShock, constructed from rigid materials and completely compatible with the MagSafe® iPhone. 

Meanwhile Infinity and Clarity were our clear case ranges. Constructed from rigid PC materials and with anti-UV coating, our clear cases were made to last. Since the iPhone 13 was a MagSafe enabled iPhone, clear cases with magnets were a must and Infinity was the perfect case to offer MagSafe compatibility in style.

Full i13 launch case line up - Lim4, Infinity, Clarity

The moment of truth

So far, our favourite device to use when showing our cases’ extreme protection in action is clear: iPhone - 14 cases of iPhone’s used in extreme drop-tests can be found on our Youtube channel and you can see some highlights here. From crane drops to space drops, on ice and off cliff sides, our stunts take drop testing to the next level. Our most ambitious and challenging stunts are when a new iPhone launches and, for the iPhone 13, we travelled to the world's fastest zipline with a fresh-out-the-box iPhone 13 Pro. 

Against harsh winds and above a deep blue lake, the iPhone 13 Pro was launched off a zipline at 100mph and hit the narrow cliff path, first time out. Not a crack, not a scratch, the iPhone 13 Pro survived the world's fastest zipline purely due to Mous-grade protection. Our legacy continued with another iPhone - 14 case ranges made by Mous and we continued to prove our products are extremely protective.

Zipline stunt asset

The tech to unlock potential

We enhanced the capabilities of the iPhone 13 even further by bringing the vision for IntraLock™ to life. With our mechanical mounting technology, you could go mountain biking or even skydiving with your new iPhone - protective cases had evolved to reach new extremes. 

Enhancing everyday lives doesn’t come from annual innovation for the next best iPhone - 14 case collections in 5 years, plus an ecosystem of accessories and state-of-the-art technology has come from consistent innovation every single day.

The next adventure

Looking back on our journey with the iPhone 13, we can’t help but wonder about Apple’s 2022 announcement. As of now, we have no idea what will be announced or even what the 2022 iPhone will be called! Whether it’s an iPhone 13s, iPhone 13r, iPhone Z or iPhone 14, cases and accessories will be brought to you by Mous as soon as we can. We don’t know for certain what we’ll be designing but we know our products will continue to enhance the innovative features of Apple’s latest devices.

IntraLock lifestyle asset

We are Mous

Our tech accessories are engineered with the goal of enhancing everyday experiences, no matter how extreme. We relentlessly innovate and extensively drop-test to ensure the marketplace always has access to inspiring products designed to facilitate every lifestyle. Our vision is to create a world where you can unlock the potential of your tech with a range of tech accessories, from wireless chargers to MacBook Sleeves to AirTag cases and more. 

Live without limits.

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