What Is IntraLock™?

This is our brand-new, self-developed mechanical mounting technology. It’s extremely secure, exceptionally slim and is fully MagSafe® compatible. This is IntraLock™.

At the core of the IntraLock ecosystem is Evolution. This is a phone case which merges ultimate mechanical mounting with unhindered MagSafe compatibility and Mous-grade protection. Tiny cut-outs in Evolution’s backplate enable it to connect with an iron-clad grip to a world of IntraLock accessories, including our IntraLock™ bike mount and universal accessory adaptor.

We’ve developed this ecosystem to ensure your phone is enabled for every adventure, however extreme. You should feel confident that your tech accessories look ready, feel ready and are ready for wherever your journey takes you, whether it’s filming rivers deep in the rainforest or doing backflips on your bike through rocky trails. You can trust the IntraLock™ ecosystem and its mechanism to enhance a kaleidoscope of experiences. 

Here’s how the tech works.

How does IntraLock work?

IntraLock hard locking mechanism attaching to Evolution hard locking phone case

The IntraLock™ mechanism is extremely secure because of the hinged teeth and strong materials with which it’s engineered. It’s also slim enough to allow for MagSafe® compatibility and incredibly easy to use, thanks to the guiding magnets. Blow by blow, this is how the mechanism locks in and stays in place.

01 The magnets in the Evolution case and the accessories gently guide your phone into the correct position.

02 The pressure of the phone case on the aluminium teeth causes the hinges of the teeth to rotate backwards into the accessory.

03 Once the teeth are concealed within the accessory, there's no more pressure, so the springs propel the teeth outwards into the cut-outs on the case.

04 The aluminium teeth fit into the ridged cut-outs inside the case, and the ridges ensure the accessory is locked in with a completely secure connection.

05 When removing the accessory, pressing the side buttons on the accessory releases the springs and causes the teeth to retract.

Why did we develop IntraLock?

At Mous, we aim to expand the functionality of your everyday tech. One of the ways we’ve done this is through our considered ecosystems of modular magnetic phone case accessories and their bespoke connective tech. First we made AutoAlign™. Next we made AutoAlign+™. Next came our range of MagSafe® compatible cases accessories. Now we’re doing even more.

Your tech should enable the everyday and the extreme - magnets can expand so many experiences with your tech, like optimised charging and mounting, but they’re not strong enough for every extreme activity. Our product engineers set themselves the challenge of creating a mounting system so secure you can use it for adventures like skydiving and mountain biking without compromising on MagSafe® compatibility. 

After a lot of research and development, our engineers found the perfect mechanical solution for creating an extremely secure mounting mechanism which was slim enough to be MagSafe® compatible.

How did we make IntraLock?

It came down to the hinges. 

The IntraLock™ teeth are hinged at exactly the right angle and in exactly the right place so that pulling up on them won’t cause them to move - they dig tighter into the phone case. This means that Evolution’s cut-outs can be incredibly small and slim without compromising on how secure the connection is. 

The next problem was the materials. They needed to be durable enough to withstand a lot of tension because an extremely secure mechanism is no good if the materials aren’t up to strength.

That’s why we use materials like polycarbonate and aluminium. Polycarbonate’s impact resistance and temperature resistance are extremely high which makes it incredibly durable. Meanwhile, the IntraLock™ mechanism’s metal teeth are made of aluminium. It’s very strong because of the metallic bonding and very light due to its low density. This is why aeroplanes and spaceships use aluminium too. 

The materials we’ve chosen and mechanism we’ve engineered allow IntraLock to be highly secure even in the most extreme circumstances.

What can IntraLock do?

The magnetic array in the IntraLock™ mechanism has two purposes. It makes the accessories very easy to attach to Evolution by gently guiding them into exactly the right position and they ensure that Evolution itself is seamlessly MagSafe® compatible. 

You can attach your IntraLock™ bike mount and universal accessory adaptor to Evolution quickly and easily before taking your phone on all your most extreme adventures. Shoot content off a cliff edge or race your bike through cities and know your phone is secure for the ride. IntraLock™ technology is ready.

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